One-Click IoT and AI-based Smart Supply Chain Solutions by Hardis Group and Nutanix

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We are excited to announce a new supply chain optimization solution that harnesses the power of IoT (internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence) from the edge to the cloud. We launched Xi IoT late last year in order to solve the proliferation of data at the edge and extended our edge computing capabilities for real-time analysis at the factory floor. View this infographic to better understand the problems of sending edge data to the cloud.

Edge Computing Capabilities for Real-time Analysis

We have now partnered with the Hardis Group, which delivers Vision Insights powered by the Nutanix Xi IoT platform to provide an end-to-end solution for rapidly deploying complex computer vision and AI models to the factory/warehouse floor on a planet-scale platform. With this solution, warehouse operators will easily increase efficiency, traceability, and safety in thousands of factories.

Smart Factory Solution

Many enterprises are plagued with optimizing supply chain processes, especially since there is never a good time to interrupt operations. Logistics is at the heart of keeping warehouses functioning, and specifically, tracking tens of thousands of pallets moving through these large warehouses can be quite challenging. However, improving existing processes without disrupting already running factories/warehouses is not always possible. That’s why it’s important to start with alerting and monitoring solutions that can coexist with existing environments. Vision Insights and Xi IoT can do just that.

High Level Architecture

The Vision Insights software runs as a set of containers that utilize Xi IoT data pipelines and AI inference services on the Xi IoT platform where customers can monitor assets in real-time through image analytics. Cameras mounted in the factory floor send data to the Xi IoT platform via ethernet through Xi IoT data pipelines and then pass it to Vision Insights for AI inferencing at the edge. This enables real-time analysis of pallets and alerts factory workers if the pallet hasn't moved based on a defined threshold. With any image analytics solution, context-specific modeling and anomaly detection is key. Through Xi IoT, the Hardis Group Cloud can collect visual data for context specific models can be creation and refinement. As new models are created, they are passed back to the edge for seamless AI inferencing updates.

There are significant benefits to the joint solution:

  • Ability to centrally deploy, secure, monitor, and manage the lifecycle of supply chain applications and AI models across thousands of edge locations
  • Ability to seamlessly work with existing camera deployments for a quick path to ROI
  • Support for a large variety of edge hardware devices to accommodate a real-world logistics facility of any size and scale

What is Vision Insights

Vision Insights Powered by Xi IoT is a cloud-based solution for Supply Chain needs, based on Computer Vision and AI.

It covers blind-spots along your supply chain and addresses supply chain efficiency and operational excellence.

Using visual recognition technology on images taken by fixed or on-board cameras (i.e. mounted on a vehicle or a drone), Vision Insights creates a real-time digital twin of a process. This digital twin has numerous applications in the field of logistics: process analysis and improvement, end-to-end traceability of pallets and packages in the warehouse or factory, as well as automatic detection of safety or quality issues.

Solution highlights:

  • Create digital twins of logistic processes
  • Identify assets in your supply chain and measure performance
  • Detect quality issues
  • Real time monitoring and alerting
  • Cloud solution with edge computing capabilities, offering scalability, elasticity, and reliability

Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT

What is Xi IoT

Xi IoT delivers AI-driven processing at the edge with a zero-touch software platform that powers real-time business insights and simplifies operations at planet scale. The business benefits can range from fast and efficient execution in constrained environments to identifying trends and insights to enhance planning for more forward-looking and future schemes. Nutanix Xi IoT is comprised of a SaaS infrastructure, application lifecycle management, and Xi Edge software running on a variety of edge hardware. The SaaS management provides an end-to-end view that is centrally managed from the cloud through a user-friendly interface for application development and operations to easily deploy thousands of edge locations. You can deploy Xi Edge on bare metal or as a virtual machine (VM) on shared or dedicated nodes.

Flexible PaaS Platform

Get Started

We know that not every organization is willing to disrupt their environment, especially when operations are already in place. Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT makes it possible to enhance your environment without impeding business operations and continue to deliver enhanced business operations to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Schedule a customized technical briefing on the Nutanix Xi IoT Platform by connecting with your Nutanix representative or emailing us at Visit for a free trial to get started today.

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