Once in a Decade… or Once in a Lifetime?

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Recently several Wall Street and industry analysts have been sharing their perspective on Nutanix as a growth opportunity – one going so far as to characterize us as a once-in-a-decade infrastructure story. For us, personally and professionally – it’s more like once in a lifetime.

Between the both of us – we have decades of experience accrued in the IT space in various roles at leading solution providers in the industry. We’ve always had a strong portfolio behind us at our other employers, but at Nutanix it’s the whole package. A technology platform that is innovative and that customers love – check. An engineering, sales, and support team that always put our customers first – double check. An organization that makes it easy and vital for us to embed partners into everything we do (surprisingly not always the case with many tech vendors) – check again.

Going back four years when we both joined Nutanix, we can reflect on the sheer volume of cold calls, introductory meetings, and informational sessions we had with partners of all sizes to talk about who this new startup we joined was and what we could offer to them in the face of their legacy partnerships. Given how much many of these household names had invested in these legacy partnerships, what we were asking of them was to take a giant leap of faith, put unknown risk into their business and disrupt business relationships that created titan status.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been humbled and honored with the recognition three of these partners have bestowed upon Nutanix as it’s the result of the true teamwork and dedication on both sides that defines our partnerships. We could not be more proud of the recognition that our Nutants have received for providing these partners with the best technology, the best field teams, and the best tools and programs in the industry to help them ramp their business with us – at a pace previously unheard of. We truly feel the aforementioned recognition is bidirectional. There needs to be authentic recognition for those partners that led by example. Faith, Risk, Disruption have been the pillars of success for our beloved partners. We’d like to specifically thank and provide our personal thoughts on this recognition here:

CDW – When Nutanix began building the Channel Team, we set our sights on establishing a stronghold with CDW very early. Four years later, we have 2 Partner of the Year Awards, hundreds of net new wins, a joint managed services offering, a national team of delivery engineers, a strong foundation of customers and CDW sellers to help us transition to software, and we truly believe we are in the very early stages of what is possible in this partnership.

Insight – Our focus on Insight started in earnest two years ago. The foundation of the partnership lends itself to be mutually beneficial. The Nutanix mantra of “any App, any time, anywhere” is fully embraced by Insight as we support their broad and robust customer base: SMB, mid-enterprise, G2k and verticals. The acquisition of Datalink only enhanced the partnership as we were already positioned as a go-to partner for datacenter sales campaigns. Additionally, securing a strong go to market play with Nutanix on Cisco’s UCS platform under Insight’s OneCall program helped catapult Nutanix to lock in our first Emerging Partner of the Year with Insight.

Zones – We are incredibly impressed, humbled with the velocity taking shape with this partnership. Being recognized as the Emerging Partner of the Year in such a short time is a testimonial to one of the industry’s leading Solution Providers realizing a massive opportunity to bring their customers immediate value through Nutanix. The level of interaction and access between our sales, engineering, marketing and services organizations will create a portfolio of unparalled value for our collective customers.

Having this level of recognition in such a short time is like the Chicago Bulls three-peat not just once but twice (and actually winning an NBA title with at least 72 wins). We absolutely could not have achieved this without our top partners embracing our technology, our teams, and our joint opportunity together.

So, that’s why we feel like we’ve landed at a place that is really a once in a lifetime opportunity for us in our careers – as well as for our customers and partners to reap the rewards.

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