Nutanix VCDX Sponsorship

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As a company that is home to several VCDXs (VMware Certified Design Expert), Nutanix knows first hand the importance of encouraging qualified candidates to pursue VCDX status. The drive, creativity, and knowledge of a VCDX is difficult to come by and those who possess these qualities deserve recognition.

I was fortunate enough to achieve VCDX (VCDX #54) several years ago when I was a virtualization consultant. The certification led to a greater respect within the community and afforded me consulting and speaking opportunities all over the world. While the journey to VCDX was indeed difficult it has been the technical achievement I am most proud of in my IT career.

Since joining Nutanix in January of 2012, we at Nutanix have added two more VCDXs to the ranks, both Lane Leverett (VCDX #53) and Josh Odgers (VCDX #90).

Because of our appreciation and understanding of the value of a VCDX’s contributions to the community, I am pleased to announce that Nutanix would like to sponsor one VCDX hopeful’s journey to certification.

We are looking for someone who has successfully completed all of the prerequisite exam requirements for VCDX and is ready to submit a Nutanix-based design for their VCDX defense. The lucky chosen candidate will receive as much preparation support as needed and have all submission fees paid for by Nutanix. Let us help you achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a member of the exclusive VCDX community.

Please fill out the form in this link if you are interested in being selected for sponsorship.

Ideal candidate: An individual who has met all of the exam prerequisites to submit a design for VCDX defense (MyLearn transcript verification required).

The chosen candidate will receive:

  • A VCDX bootcamp to prepare the candidate for the VCDX defense
  • The VCDX submission fees paid for by Nutanix
  • Travel and lodging for the VCDX defense

The ideal candidate will be announced at VMWorld 2013 in San Francisco!