Nutanix to Welcome Netsil to the Family

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Rajiv Mirani, CTO, Cloud Platforms, Nutanix
Harjot Gill, Founder and CEO, Netsil

Today we announced that Nutanix has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Netsil Inc., an applications discovery and operations management company that provides state-of-the-art observability in modern distributed cloud environments. Together with Netsil, we can continue to provide our customers with one-click simple application visibility, security and insights. The closing of the acquisition is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

Over the past few years, Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Operating System has become the best way for enterprises to build their private and hybrid clouds. We have done so by converging much of the datacenter stack into software that spans compute, networking and storage (Acropolis), virtualization (AHV) and operations management (Prism), while retaining an open platform approach and an obsession with the user experience.

With increased adoption of multi-cloud platforms, the lack of a consistent approach to operations management becomes a big problem and a source of much unneeded complexity. Application owners – both traditional IT administrators and devops – want more insight into and control over their clouds, but struggle to understand existing interactions in these environments. As a result, brownfield visibility and discoverability of applications becomes critical. Increasingly, our customers and partners have asked us to extend the one-click simplicity that we have brought to infrastructure and application analysis, troubleshooting, remediation and optimization to include their multi-cloud environments.

At the same time, the application landscape is changing. Containers and microservices represent a new paradigm for building applications and offer many advantages including small self-contained components with independent release cycles, clear separation of concerns, and API-first design. As a consequence, however, application topographies and interactions change rapidly. Application level visibility and control becomes an important problem – visualizing interactions between services, securing them, finding performance bottlenecks and troubleshooting problems that arise. Traditional code-centric monitoring tools no longer suffice.

Another problem with monitoring modern applications is the sheer volume of data. With hundreds or even thousands of microservices constituting an application, making sense of this volume of data in real-time needs systems designed to be distributed and scalable.

Netsil has developed proprietary technology that addresses this problem both for traditional virtualized applications as well as modern containerized ones. Built on years of research, Netsil’s product incorporates novel algorithms to achieve performance and scale while retaining complete transparency to the application. It is deployed as a non-invasive scale out network service that listens to API calls, database calls, and other communications between application components. Using this gathered knowledge, the product provides contextual maps and key performance indicators for the application. No code-embedded agents or code changes are required. While the transparent approach is innovative in itself, Netsil has developed custom algorithms for high-performance application layer traffic analysis that can achieve an order of magnitude speedup over other techniques.

Once the acquisition closes, Netsil’s technology will complement the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Operating System by giving our customers enhanced visibility and control at every layer: from infrastructure to applications to hybrid cloud. It will enable them to monitor their applications for uptime and reliability, to troubleshoot and remediate performance issues, and is designed to help them secure applications from malware and malicious actors.

We are excited to soon welcome the Netsil team into the Nutanix family and look forward to bringing these new capabilities to you in the near future.

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