Nutanix to Welcome Minjar to the Family

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Today, we are delighted to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Minjar Inc. to help enterprises accelerate their multi-cloud journey with Botmetric, Minjar’s solution for intelligent cloud optimization. The closing of the acquisition is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

There’s no debate that companies are increasingly adopting multi-cloud strategies and companies are looking for ways to manage the cost, complexity and risk of their multi-cloud environments.

This is where Minjar’s Botmetric comes in. Botmetric delivers automated financial governance and compliance management for multi-cloud environments. Botmetrics brings deep visibility into modern IT consumption with ROI optimization, improved security compliance and automation of the financial governance processes around budgeting and chargebacks to provide control for Enterprise Cloud teams. Botmetric also benefits from the deep cloud intelligence that the Minjar organization has built, which is also published for public consumption as a report on the state of the cloud.


We have been on a continual customer-driven journey of transforming and elevating enterprise IT by focusing on building an Enterprise Cloud Operating System, which is aimed at making hybrid clouds simple to build and operate. This journey began by making private data center environments a 1-click experience across all aspects of infrastructure management. With our prior acquisition of, integration of the Calm product and ultimate release of Nutanix Calm, we then started on the expansion into the public cloud realm in order to bring multi-cloud provisioning and orchestration capabilities to our customers, with an applications-first mindset.

As the trend toward adopting multi-cloud environments grows, enterprise IT leaders have started to realize that cloud spend and compliance management are important. Not only is it difficult to calculate the costs in a multi-cloud environment, but it can be easy for those costs to quickly get out of hand. Botmetric offers a perfect add-on to our multi-cloud portfolio by making it easy for companies to view and take action on their cloud costs. The great reviews that Botmetric has on the current AWS marketplace, the recognition, as well as the marquee brands that are already users of Botmetric, proves the teams’ customer focus – the exact same customer focus that has consistently driven our 90+ point Net Promoter Score.

We expect Botmetric to further accelerate our vision of the “One OS. One-Click. Any Cloud” with intelligent cloud management as part of Enterprise Cloud OS software to provide an integrated cloud cost management, financial governance and industry-leading security compliance management to help modern enterprises continuously optimize their workloads in the cloud.

We look forward to closing the acquisition and rolling out Botmetric with new integrations and services as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to help our customers manage their cloud adoption easier, faster and simpler.

Binny Gill
CTO, Cloud Services, Nutanix

Raghu Nandan
Senior Director, Product Management, Nutanix

Vijay Rayapati
Co-Founder and CEO of Minjar

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