Nutanix scoops excellence in customer service award!


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I am delighted to announce that Nutanix has received the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award from Omega Management in recognition of our outstanding customer service and support throughout 2013. The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recognizes organizations who not only offer exemplary customer service, but who also center their existence on a deep commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

We’re really proud of this achievement as it comes directly from our customers. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s not something that is voted for by the industry or a group of experts. The award is presented annually to companies who, as rated solely by their own customers, exceeded expectations in customer satisfaction during the prior calendar year.

While it’s true we don’t delight all of our customers all the time, I can say we delight the vast majority of them the vast majority of the time. By and large, we’re doing some things right – for 2013 we achieved an overall Customer Satisfaction rating of 9.3 (on a scale of 10), and an incredibly high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +73 (on a scale of -100 to +100). This is particularly satisfying when you consider the average technology company scores in the 20s. The results on this page from 2012 shows just how difficult it is to score a high NPS. Apple, regularly revered as the leader in customer loyalty, scored +42.

Customer service may not be the sexiest topic in the IT world, but it’s arguably one of the most important. It matters not only to our customers, but even more so to us because it is one of the most important components of Nutanix’s positive brand image. Nutanix is built on a relentless focus on customer satisfaction; we’re architecting our company around a foundation of customer service, and it’s deeply ingrained in our DNA. If our customers are in any kind of serious trouble – even if it doesn’t directly involve our products – we move heaven and earth to help them. Cost doesn’t matter, speed does.

This laser focus on the customer, alongside our amazing, cutting edge products that make virtualized infrastructures highly scalable, fast, easy to manage and cost effective, is the core of why so many of our customers are happy to recommend us to colleagues.

Take our customer InComm, for example. We’ve been working with them to provide a scalable, high performance platform for their test and development environment. Gregory Padak, Lead Software Configuration Manager for InComm, said the support from Nutanix is the best he’s ever seen!

“We have experienced an extremely responsive support and quick problem resolution from Nutanix. My satisfaction level with the Nutanix support team is in the superb category. I have not had better support from any supplier of any kind for any development project for anything. As far as the IT industry is concerned, this level of support is extremely remarkable. The day and night coverage that Nutanix provides is very useful.”

What a wonderful endorsement! You can read more details about our work with InComm, and lots of other customers, on our Case Study page.

Nutanix’s combination of excellent products and terrific service and support is what has helped us grow so incredibly quickly over the last couple of years, and what will continue to fuel that growth in the years to come. That relationship we forge with our customers is why we are growing at such a rate – witness our recent $101 million funding round, which valued us at $1 billion, just two years after we started shipping our product. This award is a great recognition of that.

Never resting on our laurels, we are committed to bettering our scores next year, so that means we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing the best customer service we can.