Nutanix NEXT Podcast Series Update: IaaS, Certifications, Big Data, and More

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How quickly times flies! We launched the Nutanix NEXT community podcast series in December, and our weekly following continues to increase thanks to you, the community! We have covered a broad range of topics from Education and Certification with Mark Brunstad to building an Infrastructure as a Service platform with Joep Piscaer.

In our latest episode, we speak with Eric Wright regarding the online community competition called Virtual Design Master. This was a unique episode for me because I am also one of the co-creators of the Virtual Design Master, and I was excited to share the story alongside Eric.

Some background on the Virtual Design Master Competition, it’s an online IT design competition. Think of “The Apprentice” meets a VCDX defense. Each season, there are twelve participants who are given a challenge each week to complete. They submit their designs to a panel of judges who evaluate them. Each participant has a minute or two to defend their plan in front of the group of judges, and share why they made certain decisions with respect to the design. The competitor with the weakest design does not move on in the competition.

Did I mention, this event is broadcast live weekly over Google+ Hangouts, just to add to the pressure? Look for Season 3 coming this summer.

Show notes for Episode 9 are available here with links to past designs and videos.

Past NEXT Podcast episodes are also full of great interviews and content. If you’ve missed one, take a listen!

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