Nutanix establishes next phase Partner Network framework

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Our partners are an integral part of our commercial ecosystem.  Like us, our partners are bold and creative, aligned to our vision of the future of datacenter infrastructure, challenging the norm and eager to go above and beyond for their customers. This approach is working.  Since shipping our first Virtual Computing Platform in 2011 – revenue growth has surpassed nearly every other datacenter infrastructure company in IT history.  Nutanix has achieved an annualized sales run rate of $200m (up from $80m in May 2013), with over 800 customers now on board and a 1,000 strong partner network.

The integrated systems market is growing 53.7% year on year, over 12 times faster than traditional IT; Nutanix Web-scale converged infrastructure provides our partners with a unique opportunity to prosper.  Showcasing the differentiation between the Nutanix offering and that of the competing ‘storage only’ products, partners can simplify the sales process, shorten sales cycles and help their clients reduce both cost and risk.  Customers appreciate the  game-changing solution Nutanix partners bring to them, and consider them trusted advisors supporting them on their journey into the next generation of datacentre infrastructure.

Following our original tailor-made program, Nutanix has now launched the second phase of the Nutanix Partner Network (NPN).  This new version of the program brings added value benefits for distributors, resellers and now, referral, consulting and integrator partners – significantly expanding our network of support.  With Gartner predicting that by 2017, 50 per cent of global enterprises will be operating a Web-scale IT architecture, we’re focussed on enabling our partners to not only build out their business on Nutanix technology, but to help them drive their businesses to amazing heights.

Larry Gross, Director at the Technology Integration Group (TIG), said “Technology Integration Group has enjoyed our new aligned partnership with Nutanix, and we find our engagement with Nutanix to be particularly productive.  Their sales and channel folks are always available for a straight talking strategy conversation.  They are eager to roll up their sleeves, and they work well as a team during the end-to-end customer engagement.  They are equally excited to go after the next opportunity with us.

“Nutanix’s training solutions are especially useful and enable flexibility around our sales teams’ work load. The web-based training helps the sales teams to fully understand how Nutanix solutions can address customers’ business needs.  Our team looks forward to pursuing new markets including the world of hosting applications with a disruptive partner that aligns well with us.”

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