Nutanix Channel New Year’s Resolutions

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As we head into the holidays and year-end for many of our partners, I continue to be humbled by how our partner community is embracing Nutanix.  Large partners that have been wildly successful with legacy server & storage solution providers for a very long time have shown fantastic enthusiasm and embraced the Nutanix message.

As we build our channel community, we recognize the faith & commitment that our partners showed us before we notched some of our large, hallmark wins.  We have seen partners invest in Nutanix well ahead of the revenue by encouraging their top performers to invest their time and effort in understanding our truly converged platform.  We’ve seen leaders in both the sales and engineering groups alike proactively contact us, build us into their 2014 plans, designate Nutanix as a ‘strategic partner’, launch Converged Infrastructure practices, and continue to help us succeed in a wide variety of areas across various business segments, geographies, and verticals.  All of these investments have already started to pay significant dividends helping our partners finish 2013 very strong with large, meaningful wins.

And what is even more rewarding is that we have seen this unbridled excitement transfer from our partners to our customers.  Customers like LA Fitness addressed the Gartner Data Center Conference this month less than a quarter after selecting and deploying our solution, highlighting the simplicity, performance, and Time-to-Value they have already seen from Nutanix.

It is now up to the Nutanix team to ‘up our game’ with regards to leveraging our initial success, and we owe it to our partners to help them build a sustainable, profitable, practice around Nutanix by:

–Enhance Enablement tools – We have proven success that partners have seen in instances like Desktop Virtualization, Server Virtualization, and Big Data, and we now need to give the partners tools to more quickly identify how we can team together to help solve customer challenges by delivering unprecedented value.

-Create joint investment plans – By clearly outlining objectives that are integral to our mutual success, we can ensure that we are both making the necessary investments do drive each of our organizations to new heights.

-Drive leadership engagement – We are seeing great ‘grassroots’ success at a large number of partners. We expect to see greater success as we expand the field level momentum into stronger alignment with our partners’ executive teams.  We understand that a well-orchestrated channel community requires a commitment at all functioning levels.   Our focus and commitment is to extend all tools, vision needed to build a successful business for our partners.

2013 has been a phenomenal year for the Nutanix Channel, but we are only in the initial stages of what we can collectively accomplish together.  We are still only witnessing the very initial stages of the building tidal wave of excitement around our solution, and we are working hard with the Nutanix Partners to ensure that 2014 is poised to be a very special year for our partnership.