Nutanix at KubeCon: Come Learn about One-Click Kubernetes Operations

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The KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conference is happening November 18-21, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California, bringing together open source and cloud native adopters and technologists.

Join us at booth S3 to learn how Nutanix is bringing the applications, data, and clouds all together now! Nutanix is a Silver Sponsor of this year’s event. We are showcasing how our customers are using the leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform and one-click operations for their Kubernetes-orchestrated applications.

Organizations of all types and sizes are turning to containers and Kubernetes in the quest to modernize existing and deliver new applications and services more quickly and with higher quality. But Kubernetes can be as complex as it is powerful. Operations teams struggle to keep pace with developers’ needs and to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters for both development and production. DIY deployments built on legacy infrastructure can take weeks of effort upfront to plan, deploy, and integrate.

Nutanix Karbon Brings One-Click Simplicity to Kubernetes

At Nutanix, one of our founding principles is making infrastructure invisible, elevating IT teams to focus on the applications and services that power business. In practice, this means making storage, virtualization, and the cloud—including the complexity of Kubernetes—largely invisible in terms of ongoing management.

Nutanix Karbon is an enterprise-grade, CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that greatly simplifies provisioning, operations, and lifecycle management. With Karbon, Nutanix eliminates Kubernetes’ complexities, fast-tracking deployments. Powerful, one-click operations take the place of error-prone manual tasks, simplifying everything from initial cluster configuration to managing persistent storage and scalability.

Figure 1: Karbon on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Key Karbon capabilities include:

  • HA Kubernetes. Other platforms require significant expertise to architect an HA environment. Karbon makes it trivial to set up a highly available, multi-master Kubernetes cluster with appropriate configuration and defaults.
  • Cluster Expansion. Other Kubernetes distributions require manual creation of a VM and scripting or command line instructions to add a new node. With the Karbon UI or CLI, you can grow a Kubernetes cluster easily with little time and no expertise required.

Nutanix Karbon is production ready. Warba Bank—winner of the Nutanix .NEXT Europe 2019 DevOps Rockstar award—is successfully leveraging Karbon to power its mobile banking applications, giving them the power and scalability of Kubernetes without the infrastructure and operational management complexity

Figure 2: Warba Bank on Building FinTech Apps

The Karbon environment includes integrated networking, monitoring, logging, alerting and other tools critical for operating Kubernetes. Karbon is built in to Nutanix Acropolis software, and is free for Nutanix customers, making it painless to deploy a fully-managed Kubernetes service on premises or as a service through a Nutanix X-Powered service provider.

Creating a CI/CD Pipeline with Karbon

Automating the build, test, and deployment of software with tools such as Jenkins is one of the best ways to accelerate software development. With Karbon, your team can create fully automated CI/CD pipelines and enable continuous application deployment across multiple locations.

Figure 3: Creating a CICD Pipeline with GitHub, Jenkins, and Karbon

Creating a cloud native development environment on-prem is a complex task, requiring significant time, expertise, and automation skills. Nutanix has rolled everything up into a simple package, so developers can take immediate advantage of reliable tooling and automation.

Nutanix Calm can further simplify your CICD journey. Calm enables application lifecycle management and orchestration across multiple clouds, so IT operations and developers can roll out updates faster than ever before while leveraging the power of automated testing to maintain quality.

With the Nutanix Calm Plugin for Jenkins, Calm blueprints can be launched directly from Jenkins. Calm blueprints can orchestrate deployment of complex multi-tiered and distributed applications across different environments including Karbon, from a single control plane. In addition to on-prem private clouds running VMware vSphere or Nutanix AHV as the hypervisor and Karbon on AHV, Calm supports all the major public clouds including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Getting Started with Karbon

If you’re a Nutanix customer, Nutanix Karbon is included in all AOS software editions. As long as you have a cluster running the native AHV hypervisor, you can test out the software and get started with no delay.

For those in the process of planning their cloud native strategy, connect with Nutanix for a deep dive into Karbon and all of our cloud native services to understand how to simplify Kubernetes deployments and your entire IT infrastructure and application stack—both on-prem and in the cloud.

If you are going to be at the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon event, come by booth S3 to learn how Karbon and other Nutanix technologies can accelerate your cloud native journey. Send us a note at or follow-up on Twitter @Nutanix using the hashtag #KubeCon.

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