Nutanix and Citrix Pave Way for Hybrid Cloud VDI with Nutanix InstantON For Citrix Cloud

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Digital Transformation Can Be Daunting

We understand your desire to take advantage of the benefits of VDI. But we also know you just aren’t sure how to easily get there because we hear the same thing all the time. Should you channel your inner Jedi and try to forecast the number and size of virtual desktops to be supported and the resources needed for them over a multiyear period? But then your Jedi powers are no match against the upfront capital costs. And we haven’t even begun to talk about the deployment complexity of the complete solution stack. Determining the end user requirements along with the storage, network, compute and virtualization needs are just the beginning of that nightmare. Even after all this, there is still no guarantee of performance or exceptional user experience.

To combat these challenges, many organizations are turning to hybrid cloud virtual desktop (VDI) solutions. Hybrid cloud gives you the agility and simplicity of cloud services while keeping your VDI workloads safe in your own datacenter. It is the answer to all the typical VDI challenges – long drawn out project cycles, operational effort for the maintenance of the VDI software stack, setup of the actual infrastructure where user VMs are instantiated, addition of capacity as organizations expand and scale… the list goes on. This is exactly why Nutanix and Citrix have introduced Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud.

It’s Time to Embrace Hybrid Cloud VDI with Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud

Nutanix and Citrix have partnered to create a tightly integrated hybrid cloud solution that simplifies and accelerates VDI deployments for companies of any size. With Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud, the entire Citrix software stack is delivered as a 1-click service from the Citrix Cloud, attaching with zero effort to the on-prem Nutanix clusters powered by Citrix XenServer or AHV, the Nutanix native hypervisor. This hybrid mode tackles all the drawbacks of an exclusively on-prem or an exclusively cloud-based desktop delivery mechanism.

For businesses that are new to VDI, Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud offloads all the complexity associated with implementing a VDI solution while delivering exceptional performance and end-user experience. Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud has all the essentials for hybrid cloud VDI and is generally available with our recent AOS 5.5 release. It includes:

  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform with three years of support
  • Choice of AHV and XenServer hypervisor
  • Nutanix Prism Management and Orchestration
  • Access to Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop Service subscription licensing

Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud is powered by Nutanix hyperconverged software. It allows businesses to deploy the appropriate amount of storage, virtualization and networking resources that are only needed today and easily expand as requirements change, thereby eliminating complexity and upfront Capex. Nutanix Prism then orchestrates the deployment and the management of the complete Citrix software stack in a few simple clicks.

Additionally, both Nutanix AHV and Citrix XenServer are included, thus eliminating the expensive licensing fees and operational complexities associated with other hypervisors. This combined with low, monthly, subscription-based software licensing model enables businesses to grow their VDI footprint without upfront CapEx.

“This latest collaboration takes advantage of how Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop Service simplifies the delivery of virtual apps and desktops while Nutanix simplifies the infrastructure stack of storage, compute, and virtualization. As a hybrid cloud solution, our joint customers can deliver virtual apps and desktops to their on-premises datacenter with Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud, combining the speed and management advantages of the XenApp and XenDesktop Service with the performance and scalability of Nutanix hyperconverged clusters. We’re giving customers the best of both worlds, simplicity and scalability.” said Sridhar Mullapudi, Vice President of Product Management at Citrix

Driving the Transition to a Software-defined Workplace with a Hybrid Cloud VDI solution

Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud is a turnkey VDI solution that allows businesses to reap all the benefits of hosted desktop virtualization without the risk. With Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop service, businesses no longer have to manage the desktop images, applications and security. All the desktop management services are part of the subscription.

A simple Citrix Cloud Connector acts as a proxy and an agent for communication between Nutanix and Citrix Cloud services. The setup typically requires registration of the Cloud Connector and once that is complete, it will be displayed in the Citrix Cloud account as resource location. Nutanix Prism automates the installation and registration of Cloud Connector within the on-prem appliance accelerating the integration with the XenApp and XenDesktop service on the Citrix Cloud platform. This enables the deployment of the entire Citrix software stack in a few easy clicks.

Get, Set and Go with a Turnkey, “Citrix Cloud-Ready” Solution

Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud is a one-stop complete VDI solution. It is possible to go from power-on to desktop deployment, in less than an hour without the need of specialized IT resources. With Nutanix and Citrix, businesses can finally tap into a solution that helps centralize apps and data, and delivers high-performing digital workspaces with improved security, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

And that’s not all…. Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud is a fully validated and tested Citrix Ready solution thereby mitigating any risk and complexity. Realize the benefits of digital transformation with Nutanix and Citrix-led desktop and cloud technologies. After all, what’s not to like about simplified deployment, secure data management and lower operating costs? It’s time to stop deferring that VDI project and explore the best possible hybrid cloud VDI solution with Nutanix InstantON for Citrix Cloud!

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