Nutanix Accelerates HCI Innovation

May 8, 2019 |
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In our nearly decade-long journey, Nutanix has pioneered the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market – enabling IT leaders to re-architect and modernize their datacenter for the cloud era. HCI is rapidly becoming the de facto platform for enterprise IT and, in the process, awakening complacent IT vendors to address the evolving requirements of their customers with greater urgency.

Often lost in the noise of marketing-led product bundling and unsubstantiated claims of market share leadership, is the fact that Nutanix continues to out-invest and out-innovate other HCI vendors. We believe that we have more engineers, more developers and smarter data scientists working to advance the state-of-the-art HCI than the others.

The list of recent Nutanix innovations and new product capabilities is too lengthy to fully capture, but here are three notable highlights:

Making Nutanix’s HCI architecture even better with AES

Fundamental to Nutanix’s web-scale architecture is data locality: ensuring that data remains local (on the same physical node) to the application, even when the workload migrates to a different node. This not only provides superior performance, but it also reduces traffic between nodes so that HCI clusters can scale and operate more efficiently. Unique to Nutanix!

We’ve now brought locality to metadata (i.e., data describing data), with a new architectural innovation: Autonomous Extent Store, or AES. With this new architecture, we have intelligently and thoughtfully separated metadata having only local context (e.g., per-node configuration information) from that which must be managed globally. We reduce the amount of metadata maintained in a global pool and distribute all other metadata to relevant nodes. Sustained random write workloads bypass our OpLog and are written directly to our extent store. The result? AES drives up to 2X faster performance. And, it gives us the right architecture for future datacenters that embrace NVMe.

This innovation is possible only because, ten years ago, we built our architecture as a fully distributed system. Another unique (and important) attribute of Nutanix HCI.

Converging IT Silos

Everyone reading this blog probably already knows that Nutanix HCI provides the storage services for VMs. More customers are benefitting from Nutanix collapsing storage silos that still exist outside of their HCI environment.

Datacenter and cloud operators can leverage Nutanix Files to deliver scalable file-based storage and Nutanix Buckets for an S3-compliant object store, providing a single storage fabric supporting nearly all types of data and applications. This flexibility, along with Nutanix Era for native one-click database provisioning services, enables Nutanix customers to converge data management and database operations on a single platform with unified management.

Growing Partner Ecosystem

While expanding its platform to include solutions that address every primary and secondary storage use case, Nutanix has also expanded its support for new workloads. Through continuous innovation to its core AOS technology, Nutanix has completed rigorous validation and certification procedures to run mission-critical workloads, such as the in-memory SAP HANA database and MEDITECH Expanse, Client/Server, and MAGIC EHR stack - supporting the company’s growing list healthcare customers.

In addition to new certifications, Nutanix has also expanded its ecosystem of hardware platform and technology vendors. The company has now added new platforms from HPE, Inspur, Fujitsu, and Intel, bolstering existing options from Dell EMC, Lenovo, IBM, Huawei, Cisco and others.

Beyond providing freedom of choice, Nutanix software uniquely supports different CPU architectures. We added IBM Power support when IBM became an OEM partner for Nutanix. Now we’re adding support for AMD EPYC CPUs – giving our customers even more options.

And, the relationship between Nutanix and Intel is stronger than ever. We’ve begun work on attaining Intel’s Select Solution certification, which are based on Intel Xeon processors and Optane SSDs. Reference designs that will meet rigorous verification will give our joint customers the confidence that they’ve selected the right hardware and software platform for powering their most strategic workloads.

All of this barely scratches the surface of what our engineers are working on. Every IT decision maker should know that when they invest in Nutanix, they are betting on the most robust and advanced HCI roadmap in the industry.

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