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NEXT Magazine is your source for practical advice, bold ideas, and occasionally controversial opinions from some of the IT industry's leading change agents. We feature topics around datacenter innovation and modernization, business transformation, digital disruption, leadership strategies, and much more.

Issue 6 of the magazine is fresh off the press and it’s filled with amazing stories: the man who hears in color, the CEO of the #1 restaurant in the world on keeping employees happy, a trip back in time to 2009 in honor of Nutanix’s 10 year anniversary, things you may not know about Kubernetes...the list goes on and on!

Take a quick peek at what you’ll find in issue 6 of NEXT Magazine!

Take a Trip to the Edge

Edge computing has been around for decades and is an intelligent device that is closest to external routers, is the transition point for networking and works directly with IoT devices. “The primary goal of edge computing is to reduce latency in situations where instantaneous application response times can save an organization piles of money, while vastly improving the processes or decision making, and even save lives.”

Welcome to the modern-day "edge." Need a walk-through? Let Steve Ginsberg, former CIO of Pandora be your guide to the changing atmosphere of edge computing.

Read more here: Edge Computing, Redux.

Follow Your Own Path

Did you know, women account for just 26% of the computing workforce? And that figure, astonishingly, has been on the decline for the past quarter-century. 

Read how one woman followed her own path and learned how to survive in the male-dominated IT industry in her home country of the Philippines.

The Road Less Traveled.

Providing Radical Candor

Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity learned just how important radical candor in the workplace can be: “A lot of people might think it was mean of her [my boss] to say that I sounded stupid, but it was the kindest thing she could have done for me at that moment in my career.” 

Read Kim’s journey and find out what’s in the Radical Candor quadrant here: Let Me Be Clear.

Becoming the World’s Best Restaurant

It takes a special ingredient to become the world’s number 1 restaurant several years in a row. And Peter Kreiner, CEO of the legendary two-Michelin-star restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark has a pretty good idea what that is.

“I believe that no matter what you do, if you are working in tech or restaurants or media, it all depends on good people. Ensure that you have the right ones on board. They’re the ones who make a difference. Look out for them, take care of them, let them grow, and listen to them.”

Read the full interview with Peter here: The Secret Ingredient to a Winning Workplace.

The Science Behind Hearing

Those of us that are lucky enough to see the colors in a sunset or listen to our favorite band live often take it for granted. There are lots of people in this world who are either born with limited deafness or lost their hearing t at some point in their life. For those people with hearing disabilities, there have been a number of incredible developments in technology for them.

Learn about how people with and without hearing shared a musical experience, what a truly smart hearing aid looks like, the smallest ear implants on the market, and an artist who hears colors.

Read the full story here: Sound Science.

Nutanix 10 Year Anniversary

Did you know Uber was founded in 2009? Or that Gmail came out of beta and went public then?

Nutanix started disrupting the enterprise IT infrastructure landscape in 2009 with its hyperconverged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage. But other companies either got their start that same year or had a major milestone of their own. 

Check out these surprising facts and more on this cool timeline: 10 Tech Milestones.

The Changing Landscape of DevOps

Over the last five years or so, DevOps has revolutionized how IT brings business value. But now DevOps is having its own moment in the spotlight. Nutanix Editorial Director Ken Kaplan sat down with Gene Kim, Best-selling author of fiction DevOps novel, The Phoenix Project, non-fiction book The DevOps Handbook and upcoming fiction novel, The Unicorn Project to discuss why DevOps is so important and why it should be baked into every IT organization.

“DevOps is a set of cultural and technical practices and cultural norms that allow us to deliver application services quickly to customers while preserving world-class reliability and security stability.”

See what else Gene had to say about DevOps in his interview: DevOps is Reshaping IT & Fueling Dynamic Learning Organizations.

Sneak Peak: The Unicorn Project

Get a look inside Gene’s next novel, The Unicorn Project, the sequel to The Phoenix Project in this book excerpt only seen here. Then buy the book, out on November 26!

The Lowdown on Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes? Why is it important? How long has it been around? Find out these answers and more from Nutanix VP of Products Greg Muscarella.

Fun Fact #1: Kubernetes is the only orchestration service offered as a managed service by Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Fun Fact #2: Kubernetes was first released five years ago by Google as an open-source container manager.

Fun Fact #3: You can learn even more information you maybe didn't know about Kubernetes in Issue 6 of .NEXT! Get the facts here: 10 Things You May Not Know About Kubernetes.

On Winning the Grand Slam

At just under 30 years old Caroline Wozniacki won the Grand Slam singles championship at the Australian Open in 2018. Born and raised in Denmark, she was raised by fellow athletes who inspired her to work hard on and off the tennis court. She has her own sunglasses line and gives back to several charities that are close to her heart. Caroline is a true inspiration on pursuing and accomplishing our goals.

“A lot of people tell me I’ve inspired their kids, and that’s a great feeling. I want to be the best example I can be, especially for the young generation. When I can give back and make someone’s day or week or whatever it may be, I’ve done something good.”

Read more about Caroline’s incredible career here: Game. Set. Match.

On Making Science Fun

Fran Scott is a science TV personality in the U.K. She started her career in television as a doughnut fetcher at a children’s science show, and a chance meeting with the TV series producer got her the job of her dreams in front of the camera. Now she is the science content producer at the Royal Institution developing demonstrations for the renowned Christmas Lectures.

“As a role model, particularly for young girls, Scott’s aware that she has a big responsibility. She succeeds in this role by staying true to who she is and being genuine.” 

Read more on what Fran is doing to help promote STEM within young boys and girls here: The Science of Finding Out.

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