Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud Solution

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Ever since AWS took off in 2006, cloud computing has been growing in maturity and adoption. The adoption rates have steadily been increasing, and in its 2015 State of the Cloud report, RightScale found that 93% of organizations have already adopted cloud in some form – private, public or hybrid. Until recently, there has been a lot of debate about the right model to choose: public or private. Both these models offer their own benefits: greater security in private clouds and lower capex and opex with public clouds.

While this is true, most analysts believe that the predominant cloud computing model in the future will be hybrid in nature. In fact, IDC claims that 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies by 2016.

In addition to increasing usage of hybrid cloud models, enterprises are also realizing that having a multi-cloud strategy will help them avoid cloud lock-in. This stems from enterprise’s experience when dealing with traditional storage and server vendors for their in-house datacenter hardware. Enterprise IT has found that such a strategy prevents vendor lock-in and gives them better bargaining power when making purchasing decisions.

This will be the same situation when dealing with Cloud providers too. Enterprises will want to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket and have a multi-cloud strategy to not only avoid “cloud lock-in”, but also deal with disruptions and outages. For example, customers that are using cloud as the location for their offsite backups are increasingly looking to use more than one cloud vendor to give them the extra resiliency.

While using multiple clouds is attractive, managing such an environment can become exceedingly complex and actually increase operational challenges, if not handled correctly. What enterprises need is a solution that allows enterprises to adopt multiple cloud providers for their hybrid use case without increasing the management complexity.

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