Modernizing the Energy Industry with Nutanix

January 18, 2018 |
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The oil and gas sector has been hit very hard over the past few years, due to the steep downturn in crude oil and other commodity prices. You can get a sense of this by looking at the macroeconomics trends in areas with a high density of oil and gas companies. Many energy companies had to lay off employees, cut investments in their business, or retool how they did business in order to remain competitive. With a lack of IT investments and reduced number of staff from all of the cost-cutting initiatives, IT leaders were forced to sacrifice innovation—while the number of applications and the amount of data continued to increase at a very rapid pace. Oil & gas organizations are now seeking ways to improve their IT efficiency and operations, in order to compete in this difficult economy.

I have spent my entire career in the energy industry, focused on building and marketing energy-focused infrastructure solutions—including the applications, automation tools, and powerful analytics—that will help oil & gas companies increase operational efficiencies and streamline production. Nutanix has been my first venture on the vendor front. This change was driven by the desire to help make the industry more effective using what I believe is some of the most positively disruptive datacenter technology seen in recent times.

Nutanix enables IT organizations to quickly and easily deploy and manage infrastructure and applications for numerous oil & gas use cases, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), generation management, pipeline operations, chemical/gas plants, VDI, big data initiatives including Hadoop/Splunk, and many others. The key to our customers’ success rests on simplifying their infrastructure and allowing IT staff to shift their focus to value-added services that directly impact the business.

Nutanix is now helping scores of energy companies around the world achieve their IT efficiency goals, with solutions that make it easier to:

  1. Deploy, manage, and scale IT infrastructure: One of our energy sector customers recently made a large discovery in the Permian Basin. They needed infrastructure that would enable them to bring up their business-critical applications, including Delta-V, at six gas processing plants ASAP. This customer was able to purchase, configure, and deploy six Nutanix clusters by themselves—in less than 8 days.
  2. Automate deployment cycles: Another Nutanix customer needed to deploy several dozen field sites in a compressed cycle. Our recently released product, Calm, combined with ServiceNow management software suite, enabled them to create consistent application workflows that decreased deployment cycles per site from 6 months to just 2 weeks.
  3. Extend the management plane from the datacenter to IOT: At Nutanix, our vision is to enable all companies that run our software platform to manage their entire dataflow—from sensor, to PLC, all of the way to the core datacenter—for processing and analytics.

Nutanix is excited about bringing our innovation to the energy sector, and more specifically oil and gas industry, helping IT organizations improve IT efficiencies and make their operations more profitable. You can connect with us and the rest of Nutanix Community including technical experts on our online NEXT Community ( or follow up with us on Twitter @Nutanix if you have questions.


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