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An Interview with Radhika Krishnan, General Manager of Converged/Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Networking at Lenovo

Radhika Krishnan has extensive experience working with servers, storage, networking, and applications at HP, Cisco, NetApp, Nimble, and Lenovo. Her broad perspective on the enterprise data center industry, spanning product development, strategy and planning, go-to-market, and ecosystem development, enables her to connect the dots and solve real customer problems. Here are some of the highlights from our recent conversation with Radhika.

What areas or projects are you responsible for at Lenovo?

My primary charter is focused on delivering next-generation IT infrastructure solutions for Lenovo customers. The data center paradigm is evolving. Starting with the traditional model—where customers consumed IT as separate server, storage and networking components—enterprises are now moving toward consuming IT as a more converged offering. My team at Lenovo is responsible for what we refer to as next-generation IT, which is a combination of converged, hyperconverged, and the software-defined data center.

What IT challenges are your customers facing?

One of the biggest challenges for IT is dealing with the exponential increase in the number of applications that is driving complexity to datacenter management. This trend is putting new challenges for IT infrastructure – how to drive efficiency and reduce OPEX? In the traditional IT model, it could take months before applications are provisioned and available. That time frame is no longer acceptable for today’s enterprises which must be able to deploy new applications in days or even hours.

The second trend or factor the requirement for agile environment where they can turn on / off service on demand. This trend is driving the move towards cloud. We believe converged or hyper converged infrastructure are best suited as platform to support deployment of hybrid / private Cloud environments. Much of this is dictated by the fact that enterprises need quicker time to value and better cost economics for their IT infrastructure.

The third challenge for our customers is lifecycle management. IT wants ease of use from all of its systems, and they want to be able to go to a single vendor to get support. No more finger pointing between vendors and delayed resolution. Upgrade and replacement processes need to be completely seamless and not involve any kind of downtime or complexity. Those are the biggest pain points that we have heard from our customer base, and why they are moving to the cloud and hyperconverged architectures.

What makes Nutanix and Lenovo such a strong alliance?

Hyperconverged is the perfect confluence of hardware and software coming together to deliver on the problems I just mentioned. Lenovo HX appliances reduces complexity and enables clients to deploy clusters in less than hr vs days. Clearly, Nutanix is the market leader in the hyperconverged space. They are at the forefront in terms of innovating in that arena.

Lenovo is a market leader in providing innovative solutions and platforms for our customers. We have the best supply chain and proven ability to deliver fully integrated systems through our manufacturing facilities. We also provide industry leading reliability and customer satisfaction, along with the highest measured system and workloads performance results that customers need in order to successfully address a plethora of applications. The coming together of Lenovo’s hardware offerings with the innovation of the Nutanix hyperconverged software creates unsurpassed solutions for our joint customers. Together, we are innovating next-generation IT solutions for the datacenter. Coming soon, you’ll see the results of these innovations.

Will you be attending .NEXT this year?

Yes, I will be participating in the key note session on Wednesday (6/22) and the panel discussion at .NEXT with Eric Sheppard from IDC, along with several other experts from Lenovo, Intel and Nutanix. The session is titled, “Enterprise Hyperconvergence: Getting the Most from Your Investments.” We will be discussing some of the key issues and best practices for deploying hyperconverged solutions in enterprise data centers.

I am also looking forward to networking with the attendees at .NEXT, in particular, hearing from customers and industry thought leaders around their concerns and goals for their next generation infrastructure. That’s something that I think will be extremely useful for all of us at Lenovo, and ultimately, for all of our joint customers.

Come visit us at .NEXT!

Nutanix .NEXT is scheduled for June 20-22, 2016 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information and to register for the user conference, please visit: www.nutanix.com/next/