Improving Nutanix Customer Experience With Analytics


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Ever since Nutanix pioneered Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and made the case for the Enterprise Cloud, we’ve stood out from the competition. We differentiate ourselves with our superior product and exceptional product support, as shown by our continued streak of a 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our sustained high NPS results and related industry recognition are a testimony to our intense focus on best in class customer support. Even so, Nutanix continues to focus on enhancing the support experience and improving analytics that empower the customer.

Within our Support Portal, we’ve enhanced support analytics accessible via ‘My Dashboard’ – bringing improved insights directly to customers. This new feature is now available to Nutanix customers with Mission Critical and Production Support. See the Support FAQs for additional information:

This is just the first step towards our goal of developing a more personalized online experience. Our focus on enabling proactive insights into all of the customer’s Nutanix installed appliances is driving us toward a dashboard that provides a complete 360-degree view of a customer’s entire infrastructure. Imagine a personalized dashboard that brings intelligent analytics across your enterprise to give you meaningful and actionable insights. Simple yet powerful! IT teams will be able to make well informed and educated decisions based on personalized, data driven insights using powerful visualization and customization tools.

While most enterprise IT solutions require a reactive approach to system maintenane and issue resolution, we want to deliver more automated, proactive and solution-oriented information to our customers. Tools like PULSE™, Alerts and Nutanix Cluster Check already empower our customers with critical system diagnostics while helping us to proactively troubleshoot issues, automate case creation and streamline the support process. We continue to build advanced data analytics and machine learning to not only pre-emptively diagnose and resolve issues but prevent them from re-occurring altogether so that customers can extract the maximum value from their Nutanix investment.

Our world class technology and exceptional product support demonstrates that Nutanix is committed to streamlining and enhancing the customer support experience even more. Like our products, our support structure is also built upon a compelling vision, precise goals, meticulous planning, and a commitment to follow through. Stay tuned as we roll out more features to provide more personalized and actionable insights about your infrastructure and support.

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