How Automation Improves Multi-Cloud Security & Compliance

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The cloud allows organizations to expedite the development of new business applications and processes. But with this new found ability comes concern. What organizations often overlook is their responsibility to protect the growing attack surface that is the cloud. With the dynamic nature of the cloud, it’s important to continuously monitor your infrastructure to discover anomalies, validate security best practices, and uncover any weaknesses. This is obviously impossible if you are considering a manual process. Hence this blog. With the infrastructure standardization of the cloud, along with programmatic controls, automation of security best practices has now become a reality. Automation allows for you to quickly assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in real-time. The best tools also provide remediation functions to resolve issues. With that said, this blog seeks to explain how automation improves multi-cloud security and compliance.

Given the complexity of cloud operations, security can’t be the sole responsibility of an already loaded IT team. It’s quite frankly unfair and often ineffective. Using automation is key. Cloud automation is a fundamental building block for the cloud computing paradigm. The aim of automation essentially is to make all cloud related activities as fast and efficient as possible, with little manual intervention. This is possible through the use of numerous software automation tools. The objective is to eliminate vulnerabilities in the cloud with respect to deploying and storing different resources. The threat surface area in cloud is pretty humongous. With the dynamic nature of the cloud, it is a necessity to have a dynamic and continuous way to keep your infrastructure secure.


When considering automation, you need to look at a sobering factor: human error. Today’s enterprises have far too much data flying around for humans to have any hope of keeping up. Not to mention, new systems are coming online all the time. We all know, if you do something over and over, you’re destined to eventually make a mistake. So it’s quite obvious the human element remains the weakest link in cloud security. The human error risk multiplies as misappropriated/compromised credentials are able to wreak havoc with significant cloud data and applications. Which explicitly means - you must have adequate security in place at every level from the perimeter to the application. Cyberthreats have also evolved in both sophistication and quantity - making today’s threat landscape exponentially more dangerous. Which is why identifying and repairing security gaps in your cloud infrastructure must be automated as much as possible.

The cloud effectively blurs the lines between platform security and application security. By leveraging automation tools to enforce security and compliance controls, organizations will achieve regulatory compliance at speed, and at scale. The automation of compliance and regulatory tests along with application specific quality tests will be the norm. Knowing your cloud compliance and security posture in real-time is the best way to bulletproof your cloud infrastructure and sustain business continuity. Automation allows for you to quickly assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in real-time, while the best tools also provide remediation functions to resolve issues. Remember, incident response is about threat resolution and not simply threat awareness.

So, What to Do Now?

The bottom line is, complexity is bad news for security. The more complex the environment, the more complex the security architecture, the harder it is to manage. The harder it is to manage, the easier it is to make mistakes. What you need is a 30,000-foot view of your infrastructure with some level of automation and orchestration that can make sure that all the necessary security switches are flipped in the right direction to keep you safe from threats. If you haven’t invested in automation tools to improve your security posture, don’t fret. Nutanix is here to help. We’ve recently partnered with Wiley Publications to produce the Multi-Cloud Security for Dummies Ebook. We offer knowledge and stories to aid in your quest to provide your organization with the best possible security posture. The ebook will help you secure your multi-cloud environment while enabling the activities that make your business successful.

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