Highlights of the Inaugural Nutanix 2018 Investor Day

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At Nutanix, we like to think that we have a reputation as a disruptor of the status quo, and our recent investor day was no exception. Held at the NASDAQ in New York City on March 12th, our inaugural investor day was sold out, attracting two to three times the crowd typical for a company of this size.

At the event, our executives presented an audacious vision for the future of IT and the future of Nutanix, including a broad technology and cloud vision, and bold financial goals including a billings target of $3B for fiscal 2021.

Vision and Strategy. Nutanix CEO, Dheeraj Pandey, headlined the event, providing a unique perspective on our history and path to industry leadership. CMO, Ben Gibson, expanded on these themes, while Chief Product and Development Officer, Sunil Potti, and his team provided details on how the latest Nutanix technologies will deliver on our vision.

Hyperconverge the Machine, Hyperconverge the Team. In the same way that Apple brought together the functions of camera, phone, music player and other devices to create the smartphone, Nutanix brings together servers, storage, virtualization, networking, security and more. Nutanix pioneered the concept of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Today, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software makes the complexities of IT invisible and enables IT teams to focus on the applications and services that power the digital enterprise—changing the way teams are structured and the way IT operates—how about that for disruption?

Evolve IT Consumption Models. Beginning in 2014, Nutanix began making our software available on additional hardware platforms. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software can now run on Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, HPE, IBM and others. This paved the way for us to begin shifting our sales to a software-centric model a couple of quarters ago. We now offer a range of consumption models to address a broad range of customer needs. Note that existing Nutanix NX-series customers will experience no changes to ordering, delivery, operations, or support processes if they choose to continue on that path.

Make Complex Simple. Make Simple Invisible. At our investor day, Dheeraj emphasized how Nutanix is working to make private, public, and hybrid clouds invisible, following the same playbook we used in the datacenter. By providing a uniform operating environment—a cloud operating system spanning all the way from the public cloud to the edges of a customer’s enterprise network—we are making the differences across clouds invisible to operators and users alike.

Increase Customer Relevance. Ben Gibson described the journey that Nutanix customers take as they expand the use of Nutanix technology across their operations. Workloads such as business-critical applications, VDI, and big data analytics are driving the need for greater operational standardization from the datacenter to the cloud to the edge—across diverse sectors that include financial services, healthcare, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, and public sector.

Track Record of Success and a Bold Outlook. Chief Revenue Officer, Lou Attanasio, and Chief Financial Officer, Duston Williams talked about the company’s recent operational successes and the acceleration of our business on many fronts. Lou highlighted that our position on the recent 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure is not only opening new doors to Nutanix sales, but it is also helping us attract the best and brightest employee talent to Nutanix to fuel further growth.

Grow Global 2000 Accounts. Nutanix has seen rapid new account growth in recent quarters. In fact, we added over 1,000 new accounts (for a total of 8,870 customers)—including 34 new accounts in the Global 2000—in the most recent quarter (fiscal Q2 2018). A tremendous amount of opportunity remains in the Global 2000, with 642 existing G2K customers continuing to make repeat purchases and a great opportunity to add many more new G2K accounts, particularly internationally. In the latest quarter, 49% of our bookings were from international, up from 37% in Q1FY17.

$3B by Fiscal 2021. Duston outlined our philosophy of the “Rule of 40” as well as the bottom-up analysis of our billings goal for FY21. We are confident that $3B in billings from software and support in FY21 is attainable. We’ve benchmarked ourselves against similar companies and plotted trend lines for both the Global 2000 and total customers. We encourage you to take a peek at Duston’s detailed presentation for more details.

Go-to-Market Strategy

At Nutanix, we ask ourselves three questions with everything we do. What’s in it for our customers? What’s in it for our partners? And, what’s in it for the company? Our software strategy has immediate benefits for all three, giving customers more choice, creating new opportunities for partners, and allowing our sales teams to enter into new, and increasingly strategic, conversations.

Our field partners include resellers, distributors, service providers, and a growing cadre of global systems integrators (GSIs) that are opening new doors. Ecosystem partners such as Citrix and SAP extend the reach of our technology.

Working together, we are building the expertise to guide customers through every stage of their IT journeys, ensuring they realize the full financial benefits of technology while becoming both organizationally and operationally efficient.

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To learn more about any aspect of the Nutanix 2018 Investor Day event, you can download the presentation slides of any of the presenters mentioned above.

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