Hannover Messe 2019 – Notes from a First-Timer

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I’m no conference newbie; I’ve been to some pretty major shows. CES is probably the largest, with over 185,000 attendees. But Hannover Messe is even bigger—with over 220,000 attendees—and is almost a city in itself. The fairground houses two dozen halls of exhibitors. Nutanix joined other Digital Factory exhibitors in Hall 6, where Industry 4.0 was on full display, showing that it’s already here. I engaged in a number of inspiring conversations with innovators walking through the halls, and here are a couple highlights.

Giant robot arms are cool, but so are tiny sensors.
Okay, this is undoubtedly one of the most impressive displays at the conference:


[photo credit: @rgoyal3 – watch the video here]

But equally interesting were the myriad components that are generating data, which are now turning into business intelligence at the edge. From temperature control to vibration detection to gear wear and tear, and more—the ability to measure the smallest variation in quality or output can make a significant difference for a business. As one exhibitor’s sign depicted, it may not make sense to make the bolts in your machine “smart,” but what if your machine recognized that the bolt was coming loose before it caused equipment failure and even safety issues?

IoT is making digital twins popular again.
Digital twins are not a new concept, but the rise of IoT and AI are making them more valuable than ever. The ability to simulate products and operations that generate and transmit data during the design phase and rapidly iterate based on digital testing can save time, money, and material waste. Now I want to see if we can create a digital twin to take my place at work!

Nutanix was a first-time exhibitor at this show. We had a great experience talking to hundreds of visitors about their digital transformation challenges and what types of solutions they wanted to learn about at this conference. We were able to share how our Xi IoT platform helps IT connect with operational technology (OT) teams, and achieve goals such as:

  • Increasing efficiency by using edge intelligence to predict equipment failure, detect process anomalies, and manage energy consumption
  • Improving quality control by leveraging image analytics and sensor data at the edge to augment manual inspection of items in a manufacturing facility and automatically detect if objects meet compliance standards
  • Increasing yield and maximizing productivity through trend analysis and predictive modeling based on real-time data

Our more technically inclined visitors also learned how the open APIs for Xi IoT make it easier for developers to create and deploy IoT applications.

Plus, we had some fun with our visitors! Everyone that came by had a chance to play our claw machine and win some prizes: string bags, power banks, water bottles, and charging cables.

It’s clear that the entire manufacturing and industrial world has embraced digital technologies as an integral part of their business. In fact, next year’s hall configuration will feature Digital Ecosystems as the centerpoint, with other hall themes surrounding them. This is intended to make it easier for all attendees to visit the Digital Ecosystem,acknowledging its place as the heart of business transformation and innovation. Look for us there next year! Be sure to follow us @NutanixIoT for the latest news, including our upcoming .NEXT Anaheim and .NEXT Copenhagen conferences.

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