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An Interview with Frank Strobel, Sr. Strategic BDM at F5

F5 Networks and Nutanix partner to bring the power of the enterprise cloud and software-defined application services to critical enterprise applications. By implementing F5 and Nutanix solutions together, organizations can realize the benefits of a web-scale architecture with cloudlike agility and scalability, with the security and stability of on-premises solutions.

We recently caught up with Frank Strobel, Senior Strategic Business Development Manager (BDM) at F5, to find out what’s happening at his company and to see if he’s planning to attend the Nutanix .NEXT event again this year.

Q. What makes the Nutanix and F5 partnership such a strong alliance?

A. One of the greatest benefits of the Nutanix F5 partnership to our mutual customers and channel partners is that our offerings are completely complementary. When combined, Nutanix and F5 provide a robust end-to-end stack from infrastructure to application delivery, based on best-of-breed technologies, products, and services.

There are several reasons why an enterprise would choose Nutanix, but at the end of the day, they all desire a more effective and efficient way to utilize their IT infrastructure. Nutanix is being purchased to run their enterprise workloads, including the Microsoft application stack, private clouds, VDI, and many other use cases. F5 ensures fast, available, and secure application delivery in data centers and hybrid cloud.

It’s a very cohesive message when we approach customers and channel partners together and tell them about everything they will get with Nutanix—including operational simplicity, better performance, and lower OpEx and CapEx. By bringing F5 into the mix, we enhance the customer experience through faster application response times, increased scalability, robust availability, and strengthened security.

Q. What kinds of IT challenges are your customers facing?

A. One of the biggest challenges our customers face is minimizing the risk of security threats to their businesses—from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to hacking attempts. The F5 product solution portfolio has a strong emphasis on security. We provide secure access to data centers, data center firewalls, and web application firewalls. If end users are accessing web-based applications, that application needs to be protected because it is very vulnerable to outside attacks. Our joint solution helps customers prevent and mitigate these types of risks to their organizations.

Q. Will you be attending .NEXT this year?

A. Yes, we are a key sponsor of .NEXT again this year. It’s a great way for us to connect with our customers and channel partners, and observe what sessions they plan to attend. We benefit by narrowing the use cases which are important to our customers—whether it’s VDI, Microsoft applications, private clouds, or cloud mobility—the ability to move a workload from your enterprise cloud into a public cloud and back. If we know what our customers care most about, that enables us to focus on supporting those workloads.

Q. Will F5 be delivering any sessions this year?

A. Yes, Paul Pindell will be presenting a session titled: Optimizing Performance, Availability, and Security for Business Critical Applications. He is a senior solutions architect here at F5, and one of the primary technical people in our organization that interfaces directly with the Nutanix product development team. He works on integration points and support for the current solutions, as well as the product roadmap.

We want to ensure customers and channel partners are making a great choice when choosing Nutanix because we work hand-in-hand to solve customer issues. We will support them now and into the future. Nutanix and F5 continue to collaborate on the product and solution fronts to lower management overhead and improve staff productivity for our joint customers.

Come visit us at .NEXT!

For more information or to register for the event, visit: www.nutanix.com/next

F5 Session: Optimizing Performance, Availability, and Security for Your Business Critical Applications

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