On-Demand Deployment for your Databases with Oracle VM and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

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Oracle produces some of the most widely used and well known database products running in enterprise data centers. Businesses of all sizes rely on Oracle databases to run applications that power their most essential IT business systems. As a result, IT administrators want to be sure that they have correctly deployed and configured the database. If the admin does not work with Oracle on a regular basis, then this can feel like a daunting task. Oracle recognized this business need and developed the Oracle VM. Using a purpose-built Oracle VM template, Oracle claims that users can deploy a two node Oracle RAC cluster in less than half an hour[1].

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform can provide an ideal platform for rapidly deploying databases like Oracle. Nutanix clusters can be installed in a matter of hours and offer a rich set of data services. Acropolis Block Services, or ABS, can be used to present volumes to physical servers running Oracle databases. ABS is a feature that is already available in AOS version 4.7 and currently supports all of the SCSI-3 commands needed to present shared volumes, such as SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation. Additionally, Nutanix Prism has built a reputation of being able to deliver “one-click” simplicity to infrastructure configuration, management, and analytics.

We are excited to bring you some more continuous innovation on the .NEXT On-Tour event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where we are happy to announce that we are planning to add, in the Asterix release, Acropolis Block Services (ABS) support for Oracle VM. Once released, you will be able to enjoy the rapid database deployment capabilities of Oracle VM and Nutanix’s easy to use Prism interface to configure ABS volumes. Nutanix has been working with Oracle and there are plans to list Nutanix on Oracle’s HCL. Once released, the Oracle VM and Nutanix pairing can take the guesswork out of implementing Oracle databases and potentially lower the overhead of managing the data center infrastructure components.

The planned combination of ABS and Oracle VM is not limited to ease of deployment. In addition to “out of the box” support for shared volumes, database administrators will be able to use Oracle ASM to manage the ABS volumes presented to their Oracle VMs. ASM has been tested to work without any specialized procedures or special settings. Once released, a user should be able to simply deploy an Oracle VM template onto a Nutanix cluster and enjoy predictable, consistent performance with low latency. DBAs or IT infrastructure administrators will be able to use Oracle ASM to manage the shared volumes and perform non-disruptive expansion, migration, and consistent backups of their disk groups. We hope this combination will deliver enterprise databases to our customers at cloud speed. Please continue the conversation on the Nutanix Next Community and let us know what you think.