Choice: vSphere Licensing on Nutanix


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Nutanix provides choice on what vSphere license you can apply to your environment. If your at a remote site, you can run vSphere essentials, if you have a high density deployment you can run vSphere Enterprise Plus. In short, the choice is left up to the customer on what makes sense.

It’s important to have flexibility around licensing because VMware can addremove packages any time. For example, VMware announced a great ROBO license edition recently, VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Office Standard and Advanced Editions. Now you can purchase VMware licensing per packs of VM versus paying per socket. Enterprises that have lots of remote sites but few resources running in them can take a look at the NX-1020 that has native built-in replication plus the appropriate licensing pack.

What happens if you have an existing Enterprise Licensing Agreement? No problem! Go ahead and apply your existing license. If your needs change, rest assured Nutanix will keep running.

This flexibility in licensing comes from the fact that Nutanix runs in the user space and hasn’t created any dependences on vCenter. Nutanix will continue to run without vCenter and management of your cluster is not affected by vCenter going down. The Nutanix UI known as PRISM is highly available and designed to scale right along with your cluster, from 5 VM’s to +50,000 VM’s.

Pick what works for you.