Calm 2.7: ServiceNow integration, Easy Single VM Operations, Variable Validation and More!

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The release of AOS 5.11 comes natively integrated with the newest Calm functionality!  With a single upgrade, you can not only take advantage of cutting-edge AOS features, but also the newest Calm integrations and UX making it easier than ever to simplify and standardize IT service delivery!  Checkout the highlights below, the release notes for a full change list, and upgrade today!

ServiceNow Plugin for Calm

Many of our customers have chosen ServiceNow as their ITSM and ticketing tool of choice, and with the release of Calm 2.7 - part of Prism Central 5.11 - ServiceNow requests can now be automatically fulfilled by Calm.  ServiceNow can now utilize the full infrastructure and application power of Calm to streamline resource delivery and standardize application profiles, drastically reducing complexity and instantly fulfilling requests.

Calm Variable Validation

One of the major challenges with any resource delivery and automation tool is the balance between flexibility and support.  Calm now supports additional variable options to help IT operators find this perfect mean. With static and dynamic dropdowns, admins can provide a list of options to fit any situation and regex validation allows operators to ensure no unexpected inputs even when free-form input is required.

Enhanced Single-VM Operations in Calm

Automation doesn’t need to be complex to be effective, and Calm 2.7 accelerates application delivery of all sizes.  Single-VM delivery is now supported on all platforms (AHV, AWS, Azure, GCP, and ESXi on both Nutanix and traditional infrastructure) with additional lifecycle operations available to quickly deploy and deliver single-VM resources.  Additionally, native AHV functionality is now available in Calm, allowing operators and end-users access to AHV functionality directly within Calm or indirectly in blueprints.

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