Bringing “Value” back to your customers – and in “VAR”

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So far, 2014 has been an incredibly exciting time for Nutanix. From kicking off the year with announcing our Series D funding round to closing out multiple strong quarters to now announcing to the world that we have over a $2B valuation, this has been a ride that is unforgettable so far. We have also led me to think about what is really important to our partners, and we can sum it up in a few bullets:

  • Bringing Value through differentiation: One of our engineers recently made a statement that has stayed with me, “Customers want to know where the ‘V’ and the ‘A’ in VAR went?” He went on to explain that many customers have gotten to a point where they see some partners as quote generators for a legacy server/storage vendor in a  traditional 3-tier architecture because if someone is partnered with ‘storage company E’, the only differentiator is that the other partners are aligned with ‘storage company N, P, and/or N2’. It becomes purely an exercise in pricing/discounting because the only thing each different solution provides is a different route from the same problem to a similar solution.
  • Driving Incremental Value by positioning web-scale converged infrastructure: With Nutanix, partners can reposition the way their customers perceive them. By introducing the Nutanix platform to their customers as opposed to legacy 3-tier architecture, partners are introducing key Webscale concepts to their customers, focusing on Serviceability, Security, Consistency, Reliability – at any-scale. Partners can offer all of this goodness with a key differentiator from the VCEs & FlexPods of the world because Nutanix allows them to start small with the elasticity to expand as needed by the workload.
  • Preserving Value for partners: Nutanix is a key differentiator for partners because it changes the way customers look at them; it’s an avenue to bringing the “value added” portion of VAR back into the picture. Selling on price alone doesn’t bring value to customers. Bringing a new idea that is differentiated is valuable. By providing a solution that is the leader in a nascent market, partners can create a meaningful, profitable business by being the first to introduce Nutanix to their customers.
  • Extending Value through Hybrid Cloud Integration: With the introduction of upcoming features like Cloud Connect, Nutanix also offers partners an avenue to become a Cloud Integrator by providing them with a solution that connects to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With many customers looking for guidance on the best long-term solution with regard to cloud services, partners can provide leadership in this space with intelligent, flexible solutions that their customers crave.

Partners of all shapes and sizes are acknowledging that Nutanix helps put the “Value Added” back in Value Added Reseller. And what we have coming down the pike will enable us to continue to stay ahead of the innovation curve to help partners maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. We thank our partners that have helped us accomplish what we have so far, and look forward to how much more we can do together.