Best Ways to Engage with the Community at VMworld SF ’14

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Are you looking for a chance to kick back and join the community conversation at VMworld, but there’s so much happening that it’s hard to streamline your schedule and maximize your fun? In addition to the sessions that stand out to you and the vendor booths that you want to visit, here’s a snapshot of the in-person community activities that I highly recommend you attend throughout the week:

  • Sun, Aug. 24 (two sessions: 10am-12pm & 2-4pm) – Nutanix is hosting a VCDX Study Lounge at the Palace Hotel near Moscone! If you’re working on your VCDX application and/or planning to defend in the future, you WON’T want to miss this workshop! There will be an open discussion with existing VCDXs to help you learn more about the program and what goes into a successful VCDX submission. If you are already a VCDX, we encourage you to drop by, as well, to contribute to the community, show your support, and engage with your peers. Check out John Troyer’s blog post for more details.
  • Mon, Aug. 25 (7-11pm) – Nutanix is sponsoring the epic  #vFlipCup  community event at Folsom Street Foundry (1425 Folsom St)! We’ll tweet, compete, and party at this alcohol-optional corporate shindig.  Join Us  and root for your favorites!
  • Mon, Aug. 25 (8-11:30pm) – The Nutanix Party – The buzz is that this is one of the hottest tickets of the week and it was “sold out” just a few days after we announced it. It’s the “Wanna Be Web-Scalin’ Somethin'” party to honor the greatest pop legend the 80’s had to offer, at Mezzanine — 444 Jessie St. Email me with subject “Nutanix Party” & I’ll put you on the waiting list.
  • Tue, Aug. 26 (3-4pm) – Join us for the Snack Time Surprise Social! What’s the catch? We’re not telling you when or where… the lucky participants will be in the right place at the right time. But here’s a clue… it’ll happen at a community-related location!
  • Wed, Aug. 27 (12-2pm) – Take a lunch break and join us for the Web-Scale Wednesday Community All-Stars Lunch! This exclusive event is invite-only, but if you’re an active community member & you’d like to join us, email me with subject “Web-Scale Wed,” and I’ll try my best to squeeze you in. 🙂


Week-Long Activities:

  • Nutanix Next Cam – mobile interviews by John Troyer (formerly at VMware, currently at TechReckoning).
  • Ask the Experts – Come by the Nutanix booth (#1535) to get some guidance, vet your project, or just catch up with in-house Nutanix, VMware, Citrix, Oracle, Cisco, and Microsoft certified experts, such as:
  • Next Theater – Come by the Nutanix booth (#1535) to participate in one of our live sessions at the Next Theater… here’s the full schedule!
  • Community Lounge –  Plan to spend time in the Hang Space (next to General Session theater) to network, blog, post content, charge devices and relax. 

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