Announcing Nutanix OS 3.5 – Performance, Manageability and User Centricity for Datacenters, Redefined

August 21, 2013 |
| min

A picture is worth a thousand words.So instead of explaining in text what Nutanix is doing for the enterprise datacenter, I am going to compare two different pictures showing the evolution of mobile/smart phones and the evolution of converged infrastructure products.


Why did I choose to compare an enterprise datacenter product with a consumer product like mobile/smartphones? There are many reasons, but one of the key reasons is that, at Nutanix, our goal to make the datacenter products not only robust, powerful and scalable but also simple, intuitive, and convenient to use and manage like the consumer grade products.

Today, at Nutanix, we are making two major announcements to continue to deliver on this promise:

  1. Launch of the new release of Nutanix OS (NOS) 3.5 and
  2. Support for Microsoft Hyper-V in Tech Preview

Nutanix OS 3.5

Our new software release, NOS 3.5, is focused on performance, manageability and user-centricity. We have added significant enhancements to provide accelerated performance, scalability and improved user experience. To this end, we have introduced several exciting and innovative capabilities:

Nutanix Elastic Deduplication Engine

Our Elastic Deduplication Engine is a software-driven intelligent data reduction technology designed for massive scale out. Unlike traditional deduplication technologies, which only dedupe data at the hard disk drive layer, the Nutanix Elastic Deduplication Engine will span across storage tiers and increase the effective capacity in the disk tier as well as the RAM and flash tiers of the system, by eliminating duplicate data.


Nutanix Prism

Nutanix Prism is a management framework to provide you with the flexibility to use an interface of your choice to interact with the Nutanix platform. We designed the Prism GUI with consumer-grade user-centricity in mind. The GUI provides an at-a-glance view of server, storage and network operations, allows to dive deeper into granular details, and has built-in analytics to deliver event correlation. All the infrastructure information is organized and presented to facilitate easy consumption and for immediate insights and actions. Prism UI is HTML5 based to support nearly any device and give you greater mobility.


With our RESTful Prism APIs, customers can easily integrate Nutanix infrastructure with cloud management and orchestration systems.

Support for Microsoft Hyper-V in in Tech Preview

Let’s extend the smartphone example a little further. Smartphone customers have the flexibility to select network services of their preferred provider. Nutanix provides its customers with a similar choice.

Since inception, we have taken a hypervisor-agnostic approach to our software architecture strategy. Our goal is to create a unified data fabric to power hybrid enterprise datacenters comprised of different workloads running on multiple hypervisors.

We have now added support for Microsoft Hyper-V. With this addition, the Nutanix platform supports the broadest range of hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM. Our customers now have the flexibility to select the hypervisor of their choice to run various workloads in their datacenter.

So, not only is our platform the most robust and scalable converged infrastructure, but also, our software is redefining the manageability, performance and user-centricity for enterprise datacenter.