Announcing Girls in Tech’s Newest Board Member

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Of all the blog posts I’ve written since starting Nutanix, this one is particularly special to me because it deals with an organization that’s helped me on my personal and professional journey. I have almost a childish eagerness to announce that through Nutanix’s partnership with Girls in Tech, I will be joining the Board of Directors at Girls in Tech.

I remember the first time I heard about Girls In Tech. I had just endured a lecture from a colleague, who told me that I’d lost my “edge” since returning from my second maternity leave. After extensive research, I came across a “Girls in Tech” meeting in San Francisco.The women I met that night were strong, funny, feminine and blindingly brilliant. They wore pastels and jeans, leather and black, and they talked about coding and manicures, babies and infrastructure.

That one meeting, so many years ago, changed my attitude from discouragement to determination. Just knowing that there were more women like me made me believe that it was possible to be my fully feminine, female self while still finding technology career success.

Because of my determination and involvement with Girls in Tech I am especially proud to be the CIO of Nutanix, one of the leading technology companies on the planet. Not only is my job challenging and fun on a daily basis, but I also love that Nutanix is a company that cares about doing good through its .heart initiative. This program has been around now for over a year and has logged 2500+ hours of employee volunteer time to causes each Nutanix employee personally cares about.

.heart actively supports women in technology careers throughout the world and has been building a partnership with Girls in Tech throughout this year. As part of this partnership, Nutanix employees—including C-level executives—support Girls in Tech through participating and speaking at events, volunteering at global online classrooms and participating in the organization’s mentoring programs. I am thrilled to work at a company whose employees across all levels embody our core values (Hungry, Humble, Honest), and are as inclusive and gender-neutral as any I’ve seen. As part of my new board membership, I’m looking forward to strengthening the bridge between Girls in Tech, an organization I hold near and dear to me, and Nutanix, the company that I’ve come to call home this past year.

I get it. Being a girl in tech is not always easy. But did you know that being a girl doesn’t diminish me in any professional or technical sense? I can suck at my job whether I’ve had a rough night with my kids, and I can knock it out of the ballpark while wearing a pink sweater or a black jacket. I can be soft and loving and kindhearted and relentless and calculating and efficient all in the same day. But even now, I’m one of only a handful of female CIO’s in Silicon Valley. Even now, with all our progress, in the tech industry, being a girl is still a “thing.”

More than ever, I am aware that I am at the crossroads of all the women who have come before, and all that we may become. And today, in this moment, at this crossroads, it is crucial that companies like Nutanix work to make sure the girls of today and of future generations don’t have to be acutely aware of being girls in tech. For this reason, I am thrilled that Nutanix and Girls in Tech are building a partnership all the way up to the board level to align our priorities. We have a lot of work to do if we’re going to progress, and I’m one of the girls who is going to do it!

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