Announcing the Finalists! Whose Web-Scale Wish Will Come True?

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As you know, the goal of the Web-Scale Wish Datacenter Makeover Project is to gift more than $500,000 in web-scale technology to deserving non-profit organizations. Nutanix is incredibly grateful for this opportunity to give back, and we truly appreciate your support and contributions.

The worldwide community submitted hundreds of notable nominations, and our five community judges have contributed their time and expertise to follow an unbiased, calculated process to determine these three finalists:

Congratulations and best of luck to these deserving non-profit organizations! They spend 100% of their time and effort contributing to communities across the globe, and we’re honored to be able to contribute what we do best to help support these amazing causes.

About Berry Street:

“Since 1877, Berry Street has chosen to work with children, young people and families, with the most challenging and complex needs, including those for whom we are often the last resort. Last year, we helped over 27,000 of the most disadvantaged children, young people and families across our community. We believe all children should have good childhood, growing up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.”

Their Top IT Challenges: “Chronic underfunding. Through our funding agreements we’re obliged to use several different data systems – none of which inter-operate. It costs us large amounts of staff time to (manage) these disconnected systems.”

Their Web-Scale Wish: “Two words: Data warehouse. We want to pour their data (from all of the disconnected systems) into a central bucket, and develop reporting and data entry tools. We’re going to need a place to put this data, and a place to analyse it. We don’t have the time or expertise to design and manage a bespoke system. The in-built data management is brilliant – the cost savings on licensing other products alone is significant for us.”


“CLASS believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live a rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful life, and that having a developmental disability does not diminish the desire or right to pursue this dream, it simply makes the journey more challenging. (We) offer a wide range of innovative service options to meet individual needs and provide opportunities for persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to maximize their potential, independence, community inclusion, acceptance, and individual rights. CLASS LTD is a technology driven company due to the collaboration needs of our employees and the large amounts of client data we must maintain. We have 6 offices across 5 counties and approx. 200 employees. We have to maintain a high level of security due to HIPAA regulations.”

Their Top IT Challenges: “Working on a tight budget. We try hard to do a lot with very little.”

Their Web-Scale Wish: “To complete the virtualization of our server infrastructure since most of it is running on outdated hardware. Do to our budget constraints we can only add a little equipment at a time.”

About The Air Ambulance Service:

The Air Ambulance Service runs (two regional) helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), and The Children’s Air Ambulance – an emergency helicopter transfer service for critically ill babies and children across England. We provide these services free of charge to both patients and the NHS. We treat at the scene before transferring to the hospital with the best resources. The Children’s Air Ambulance is able to drastically cut the time it takes to carry out transfers, meaning tiny patients can get lifesaving care as soon as possible – giving them the best chance of survival and recovery. IT is absolutely essential to the running of the organisation (because) our users are extremely dependent on the services we provide. From the pilots who fly a tracked aircraft as they carry a baby for life-saving treatment, to the administrative teams which respond to calls, emails and letters, and process donations.”

Their Top IT Challenges: “We have 4 offices, 29 shops, a number of remote users, and a small IT staff. The Head Office has an array of equipment (from) two sites that merged earlier this year. (The equipment) was chosen to keep costs as low as possible, with no consideration for growth. We don’t have proper server resilience, nor do we have capacity on the physical servers for VMs, so we have to rely on backups, which is time-consuming on restore.”

Their Web-Scale Wish: “Converged infrastructure that’s reliable and easily managed, and can accommodate multiple, dedicated VMs. The Nutanix platform is scalable, (and) we are looking to expand our operations and continue to grow. It would also offer us the benefit of increasing the resilience and availability of our services. The converged solution utilises the storage pool in a more optimised way, and there would even be space available for us to start using VDI. It would also free up resources in the way of cost and time, whilst providing a solution that would perform much better for our users. Saving energy is also quite important to us. (The money that) IT would save can (instead) be put toward operational costs, the impact of which means that we will be able to assist our organisation to fly more missions and save more lives.”

The Prizes

These three finalists are in the running for the Grand-Prize package – a 48-hour Ultimate Web-Scale Datacenter Makeover that includes:

  • NX-3350
  • 3 Ultimate Software Licenses
  • 3 Years of Support
  • 2-Day Installation Services

The Grand Prize is pretty sweet, but the good news is that all three organizations will be winners, because the two runners-up will receive a web-scale equipment and support package that includes:

  • NX-1350
  • 3 Ultimate Software Licenses
  • 3 Years of Support

How can YOU determine the grand-prize winner?

A two-minute video by each of the three finalists will be front & center on next Wednesday, Dec. 10, and you can vote for your favorite cause during the 24-hour voting period that accommodates all regions worldwide (from Dec. 10 at 12:00am ET, to Dec. 11at 12:00am ET). The winner you choose will be announced following the public voting period, and their well-deserved web-scale datacenter makeover will begin in the new year!

An immeasurable thanks to all of the judges, nominators, organizations, and everyone else who has contributed to this epic project so far… we couldn’t have made this happen without you!

So get ready and mobilize your troops to cast their votes online next Wednesday for your favorite cause! It’s all up to you…

Laura Whalen
Nutanix, Inc.