AI Meets IoT: Nutanix and Deepomatic Join Forces to Democratize AI at the Edge

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Many organizations are faced with digital transformation challenges especially when it comes to adopting new technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two concepts which will enable organizations to rethink traditional edge solutions and drive new revenue streams. However, these concepts are not easy to get started with and enterprise AI projects tend to fail for two reasons: lengthy development cycles and the difficulty to deploy and manage AI systems at scale.

When it comes to AI systems, time to production is a key factor of success. Most AI teams struggle to test their system in real conditions, which makes companies blind when it comes to understand how the system behaves outside controlled environments. On the other hand, getting data feedback from production unlocks incremental improvements through re-training, and ultimately allows to reach the performance level needed to deliver business value.

In parallel, using video recognition with real-time requirements means performing the analysis at the edge, where the action takes place. Managing heterogeneous edge devices, handling remote updates in low bandwidth environments and getting feedback in a centralized way is a technical challenge that has proven difficult to overcome even for experienced technical teams.

Nutanix and Deepomatic are partnering together to address these problems and provide an end-to-end solution for customers to get started in the cloud and at the edge within minutes all from the same management interface. Nutanix provides an intelligent edge platform through Xi IoT and Deepomatic brings its computer vision product suite to build and manage AIs at scale.

Nutanix is creating an app library within Xi IoT where enterprises can easily deploy applications like video recognition apps built on Deepomatic. This significantly reduces the burden placed on enterprise AI requirements. AI for example requires data scientists who can look at massive amounts of data coming off of IoT sensors and image devices to make sense of it. The problem isn’t just making sense of it offline, it’s about reacting to the data in real-time close to where the data is being generated. This is where AI inferencing at the edge becomes a requirement. AI engineers would create trained models in the cloud but they would need an easy way to deploy them out to the edge. It also reduces the burden placed on the rest of the infrastructure - network, bandwidth, servers - as AI inferencing is happening at the edge and only data insights are transmitted from the edge to the cloud. Xi IoT partnered with Deepomatic to make this possible. This helps with solutions like automated checkout, industrial inspection, and smart CCTVs to name a few.

Figure: Deepomatic - State of the art algorithms and training

With this partnership, Deepomatic aims at facilitating the development of AI projects in very short cycles. By organizing and centralizing visual data on a unified platform, it is possible to train and evaluate video recognition systems in a simple and fast way. Thanks to Deepomatic cloud training infrastructure, organizations get access to state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms without coding and without worrying about scalability issues. Beginners will train their first model in minutes while experienced deep learning users will get access to advanced options to harness their expertise. Combined with Nutanix Xi IoT, Deepomatic allows the deployment of these AIs at industrial scale and the management of thousands intelligent edges. Decision makers and business experts will gain immediate operational benefit from deployed AIs, through visual analytics dashboards and alert systems. Camera operators (remote monitoring, video maintenance, etc.) will therefore have access to a new level of understanding of what is happening in the field.


Hopefully you got a good understanding of how Deepomatic’s computer vision product suite and Nutanix’s Xi IoT platform can help your organization get started quickly. The best part is now you can try out the Nutanix Xi IoT platform in the cloud in a matter of minutes.

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