A New Era for IT

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Over 4,100 visionaries, IT leaders, developers, and architects from around the globe gathered in lovely Copenhagen last week for Nutanix .NEXT Europe 2019 conference to share the latest advancements in datacenter and cloud technologies. It was simply powerful to connect with people.

No tech can replace the human to human connection!

Nutanix delivered a trilogy of keynotes including “The Story of Resilience, The Story of Inspiration, and The Story of Delight.” Mine was focused on “The Story of Delight.”

The world is changing to not only expect instant gratification but also expect an outstanding experience. Similarly, business users and their customers now demand to be delighted and hence the role of IT is changing dramatically.

The Evolving Role of IT

The traditional role of IT has been a supporting one. IT is the overseer of an organization’s technology —user desktops, servers, storage, networking, databases, and applications—all the tools and services that employees and other users depend on to carry out core business activities. IT keeps it all running and resolves issues when they occur. Many studies cite that the percentage of time that an average organization’s IT spends on keeping the lights on is somewhere in the range of 70% to 80%. That leaves only about a quarter of their time to focus on higher-value activities. So where will IT find time to innovate when it can barely keep up with demands from their users?

A decade ago IT started down the path of datacenter modernization largely focused on reducing complexity and improving their productivity. The focus was on cost reduction and simplicity.

The question is, can IT serve a larger role within the organization? The answer is undeniably YES.

The Era of Customer Delight

Business success depends on a happy and delighted customer. There are numerous examples of companies that have become global sensations by using technology to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Lego began in 1932 as a wooden toys company and is now a global brand worth billions, making it the world's most valuable toy company. When you think about Lego its focus is to delight children and as a parent you appreciate your children being busy, engaged and being delighted for hours on end! Lego transformed into a global brand with an obsession on customer delight, with expansion into both physical and digital gaming solutions. A 25c cup of coffee became a global sensation with Starbucks all backed by a laser focus vision of delivering quality and customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty - all made possible through smarter technology driving this delight.

We have become addicted to this delight, we expect it everywhere, including from IT. IT needs to focus on becoming “customer-centric” and think about what they need to do to delight their customers, i.e. developers, analysts, Lines of Business, and ultimately the end customers for their organization. IT must become the change agent for business transformation, not just a supporter or enabler but a driver.

The Consumerization of IT Powered by Automation

We have entered the era of consumerization of IT, driven by intelligent automation! Users expect IT to delight them with instant access to services; to turn 10 clicks into one for an IT service or product purchase; 5 days or weeks of waiting reduced to minutes for development environments; multiple management consoles merged into a single pane of glass. This is possible by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to automate tasks intelligently taking away manual labor, reducing errors introduced by human intervention, and providing smarter operations overall. This is possible with built-in resilience because downtime and data loss doesn’t delight anybody!

By becoming a service organization and focusing on delighting business users, developers, analysts, end-users, that’s how IT becomes more visible, that’s how IT becomes a driver of business outcomes. The next 10 years are all about the cloud; hybrid cloud to drive agility and infinite scale of computing resources propelling IT to become the innovation hub.

The role of IT is indeed changing.

Focus on Customer Delight is a Core Value

At Nutanix, we put a premium on delivering outstanding customer experience leading to delight. And that’s what Nutanix’s industry-leading platform does for IT infrastructure. It makes creating, deploying, and managing cloud services (private and/or Public) easier and faster; it makes supporting enterprise data and applications with high performance, web-scale and resilience, easy; and it brings web-scale features and an exceptional experience to end-user computing. All of this can make IT not only far more productive but also enable them to run on an intelligent platform to deliver services with the agility and speed demanded by their users, thereby helping IT delight their customers.

Check out the Nutanix .NEXT Europe 2019 keynotes and announcements. Let us know what you think!

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