A Brave New World

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There’s no question that Apple has been setting a high bar in consumer design. There’s also no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind.

While advancements in enterprise IT like virtualization have made it possible for IT to run their enterprise applications and infrastructure on a lot less hardware, the management of this infrastructure has been largely ‘designed’ by engineers for engineers. IT admins faced with using virtualized infrastructure management tools have been experiencing the stark contrast between the simplicity of the Apple experience on iPhones and iPads in their consumer lives and the standard-issue Microsoft era consoles they grapple with in their work lives.

But times are changing and the consumerization of IT era is here.

In prior posts, the Nutanix Founders have started to articulate our mission to make virtualization simple. This starts with ‘nix-ing’ the SAN and bringing shared storage closer to compute where it belongs in a converged compute + storage architecture. But the infrastructure is just the beginning.

IT admins shouldn’t be confined to managing this new wave of virtualization infrastructure the way their predecessors managed hypervisors and SANs. The pain of troubleshooting a virtualization performance issue, from figuring out if the culprit is server or storage to hunting down which LUN on the SAN the vdisk is stored on should come to an end. Converging compute and storage into a single solution enables a completely new way of interacting with hosts, storage, and virtual machines that is intuitive and even fun. That is what we, the Nutanix UI Team, have been embarking on designing the past year.

Here’s a tiny peek at one small task that we’ve fundamentally changed. Imagine being able to instant-search for a single VM among thousands, and immediately locating its compute and vdisk resources from across the entire distributed system.

As we get closer to our impending company launch, we will begin showing more examples of Nutanix UI elements like these.

Our team’s contribution to the Nutanix mission is to revolutionize how virtualized datacenters are managed by creating new intuitive workflows for managing both compute and storage resources. We will explain how graphic designers, engineers, and product management can co-exist in *mostly* perfect harmony with the same goal in mind: “Make virtualization simple”. And we are positive that we will.