HCI Resources: 9 Top Hyperconverged Infrastructure Guides

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Though hyperconverged infrastructure is, relatively speaking, a recent addition to the IT lexicon, it has rapidly become a staple in the market for enterprises looking to bid adieu to the complexity (and pain) of 3-tier architecture.

Even so, no two enterprises are on the same playing field when it comes to hyperconverged knowledge. While some are well-versed in every component and feature of HCI, many are just now learning what it means to be “hyperconverged.”

To even out the playing field, we’ve compiled 9 of the top HCI resources and tailored them for various familiarity levels, from hyperconverged infrastructure for dummies right through to cloud level: expert. Welcome to HCI academy! Class is in session.

HCI Starting Points:  Hypercon-what? 

“Hyperconverged infrastructure” isn’t just a mouthful—it can be hard to know where to get started. Since HCI was born as an alternative to long-standing 3-tier architecture, you’ll first need to know what sparked its inception before you move onto its inner workings.

Top 20 Hyperconvergence Questions Answered

With any new technology, questions arise concerning its purpose, its use, and of course, its benefits. Even if you’ve never given it any thought, this HCI resource is beginner-friendly, easy to read, and acts as a quick-start guide for folks dipping their toes into the hyperconverged waters. Got any of these questions on the brain?

  • Why on earth should I change my current infrastructure?
  • What pieces make up the HCI puzzle?
  • What sorts of problems does HCI solve?
  • Is it only for enterprise-size businesses?

This guide will cover all of those questions and more.

The Definitive Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Think of this piece as your complete HCI guide—minus the agonizing length and back-breaking weight of high school textbooks from years past.

Some highlights of the eBook include:

  • Breaking down the components of HCI
  • Data protection and disaster recovery made simple with HCI
  • The state of security today
  • The freedom of built-in virtualization
  • The performative power of HCI

Datacenter Modernization Done Right

Every organization has unique digital transformation goals, so how exactly are each of them using HCI to meet those checkpoints? We’ve interviewed 10 companies from various industries to see what HCI has done for them.

For one business, the one-click magic of hyperconvergence meant he was able to juggle parenthood with business:

“I had my [newborn] son in my hands, feeding him his bottle, and I just clicked ‘Upgrade.’”

And that’s only one of the exciting stories you’ll hear!

Beyond HCI 101: Tools for Intermediate Readers

You’ve mastered the basics; now it’s time to elevate your knowledge with resources focusing on the real-world impact of hyperconvergence. While you may know what it is, your next step is to see it in action.

12 Cloud Game Changers

Staying ahead of the competition—not just getting by on “good enough” practices—requires an inward look at your infrastructure. Just how well is it working for you? We’ve linked up with 12 companies who’ve transformed their datacenters with hyperconvergence.

And just to make sure you’re reading these, let’s do a scavenger hunt. Find out which organizations achieved these results:

  • Able to run the right application in the right cloud every time
  • Eliminated downtime and lost weekends thanks to one-click operations
  • Said goodbye to mainframes, welcomed digital and virtual initiatives

Use HCI to Free Staff for Public Cloud Management

By funneling resources out of ‘round-the-clock management and into innovative, exciting projects, businesses can realize better retention and engagement. This Gartner report digs into how, and includes a case study from one healthcare organization that made it happen.

Here’s just a taste of what they realized:

  • 40% time savings
  • TCO savings from utility costs, space in the datacenter, and more
  • 3,500 VMs to 10,000 VMs

Gartner Magic Quadrant for HCI

This one’s a must read if you’re considering hyperconverged infrastructure!

Each year, the Gartner Magic Quadrant reports on the top HCI vendors, ranking them based on a variety of criteria. To name a few, Gartner considers:

  • The company’s ability to deliver the product or service they offer
  • The pricing of each model offered
  • The quality of the customer experience and customer support

Building a Business Case for HCI

You might be ready to hop aboard the HCI train, but your team might not be totally gung-ho to replace the technology they’ve used for years—maybe even a decade. Consider this your handbook to:

  • Build a strong, compelling argument in favor of HCI
  • Demonstrate the innumerable benefits of the solution
  • Calculate your TCO with HCI

HCI Experts, There’s More to Learn!

You may know what HCI is, but do you know it inside and out? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details, show you how to implement different features, migrate workloads, and then some.

Tech TopX Video: Converged Platform

The TechTopX video series gets tactical, with videos featuring more of a “how-to” feel and practical information to implement HCI and its associated features. Start with an overview of what a converged platform is, and then follow the Tech TopX treasure trove down to disaster recovery.

The Nutanix Bible

You simply can’t get more complete than the Nutanix Bible. Up-level your expert status with a detailed, no-information-left-behind breakdown of the inner workings of hyperconvergence. Beyond Nutanix story-telling, the Bible outlines everything you want or could know about HCI—and it’s constantly growing as more features are added.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through HCI academy. To wrap up, here’s your definitive HCI reading list:


Even if you’re an HCI champion, nothing beats seeing the power of hyperconvergence in action—except for trying it out yourself, of course. Get personal with HCI in this free, 2-hour test drive.

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