7 Things .NEXT Does Differently

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In just about 2 months, .NEXT will set its sights on Copenhagen, Denmark, the home of the Tivoli Gardens, Frederik's Church, and Lurpak butter. But while the location might be unique, have you ever wondered what differentiates .NEXT from your run-of-the-mill technological expo, seminar, or summit? 

On top of linking you up with thousands of brilliant, network-worthy peers, delivering world-class speeches from world-class brainiacs, and setting you up for datacenter success both now and for the future, .NEXT sets itself apart from the pack in myriad ways.

Let’s break down exactly what they are.  

1. It’s the ONLY event dedicated to enterprise cloud 

Fun fact #1: This year alone, there’ll be over 200 tech conferences and events.

Fun fact #2: .NEXT is the only one focused on enterprise cloud technologies. 

So, if you’re looking to dive deep into topics like hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid clouds, automation, security, IoT, and more, .NEXT is the place to do it. Not to mention, we won’t be lecturing you at any point in your .NEXT experience. 

Our sessions are interactive, hands-on, and informative—all without the yawns.

2. It’s (really!) a one-stop shop

Educational sessions, certification opportunities, world-class speakers, riveting parties, awe-inspiring live performances, hands-on labs, and more—that’s .NEXT.

Regardless of why you attend, .NEXT has something tailored to you and your needs. So, whether you’re an engineer or an executive, you’ll leave Copenhagen with something new: New knowledge, a new certification, or a new award. And speaking of certifications...

3. It’ll get you trained AND certified

.NEXT isn’t a just-for-fun event; it’ll also help you level-up your career with educational sessions and résumé-worthy certifications. Oh, and did we mention all technical (NCP and NCAP), sales (NCSR), and SE (NCSE) certification exams are free for .NEXT attendees?

On day 1, you’ll go through a Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) refresher course to get you set for the exam. After that, you’re free to take the exam within the next few days, so you can leave Copenhagen with a shiny new certification!

Not ready to whip out the scantrons? You can take part in any of our unique hands-on labs or join an expert-led seminar, where you can get familiar with Nutanix products and solutions, become grounded in the fundamentals of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, and way more. 

4. It’s got its own festival!

Think of Coachella, but for tech enthusiasts. This year, .NEXT is introducing its first-ever festival, featuring live performances, enticing art venues, and a captivating forest environment.

Here’s an abridged list of some of our favorite festival festivities:

  • Musical performances by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
  • Digital graffiti wall
  • Henna hands
  • Life-size coloring book
  • A live “glow show”
  • Mesmerizing bubble displays
  • Forest stilt walkers

Talk about enchanting!

5. It recognizes (and awards) IT visionaries

.NEXT can’t happen without you, so we celebrate, well, you! With the .NEXT Customer Awards, we recognize the most disruptive, most innovative, and most daring IT leaders in the game.

And true to many award shows, the nominations are up to you! You’ve still got time to choose a visionary here.

As for the winners? The top 3 finalists in each award category will win 2 nights of hotel accommodations and a complimentary .NEXT conference pass. Plus, they’ll get to grace the stage before a 2,500+ person audience and a panel of esteemed judges. 

6. It blends real-life awesomeness with IT innovation

What are some of your highlights of 2019 so far? The first-ever image of a black hole? The season finale of Game of Thrones? 

Whatever charts your list, .NEXT recognizes real-world accomplishments and inspiration from a swath of interesting people—from well-known media personalities and athletes to renowned scientists, and needle-moving executives. This year, we’re bringing in people you might have on your “must meet someday” list:

  • Kit Harrington: THE Jon Snow from HBO series Game of Thrones
  • Dr. Katie Bouman: A key member of the team that imaged the internet-breaking picture of the Messier 87 black hole.
  • Caroline Wozniacki: A world-renowned, multi-award-winning tennis champion.
  • Peter Kreiner: Owner of Noma, recognized as the “Best Restaurant in the World.”
  • And dozens more!

7. It gets you hands-on with the newest, neatest tech

It’s one thing to watch a demo. It’s another thing to try a technology yourself.

Our hands-on labs are self-paced, so you can explore what you want, when you want. See how you can make your infrastructure more agile and responsive by trying your hand at creating a one-click service capability. Or, build a cloud-based application using Nutanix Karbon, Era, and Objects. Or, build a robust firewall complete with an application-centric security policy. 

Feel like a beginner? Simply learn how to get started with Nutanix technology by setting up a virtual environment.

You could go to any ol’ IT expo…

Or you could sharpen your skills, get inspired, and level-up your datacenter at .NEXT! The choice is yours.

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