All in with Nutanix: DH Technologies

By Steve Kaplan
| min

Devin Henderson started DH Technologies with 12 employees on May 1st of 2013 after breaking off from a 3-year old solutions provider in which he was a partner. His new firm began selling Nutanix on the first day, and received a PO within the first week. DH Technologies went on to sell 22 blocks within the first 5 months and capture the first Nutanix Federal Partner of the Year Award.

“We always lead with Nutanix – it’s a game-changing technology,” said Devin. “It addresses so many different issues of a virtualized datacenter – essentially every use case we come across: Technology refreshes, big data, VDI, etc.  From a sales standpoint, it’s very simple to quote. From an engineering standpoint, it’s very easy to create an architecture with it.”

Although DH Technologies sells hardware and software, it is really a services firm. Devin said he is not concerned in the slightest that his company doesn’t get to charge customers for the weeks or months of up-front configuration services commonly required for traditional servers, UCS systems and SANs.

“The lack of back-end configuration services is obviously better for our customers,” said Devin. “But it’s also better for us. The reduced services means that our customers can afford to implement bigger projects, while the velocity of Nutanix deployments allows us to take on more projects. The types of services we’re now able to provide are much more valuable to the customer than rack-and-stack, and are certainly more challenging and stimulating for our engineers. And we’re able to charge more because of the specific skill set involved.”

Devin says that slashing implementation cost and time builds additional trust among customers. Their clients tend to quickly come back for many more blocks – not just for the initial use case, but for additional use cases as well once they’ve realized the exceptional value of Nutanix.

“The speed at which Nutanix deploys is very impressive to our customers,” said Devin. “They tend to be very open to speaking with us about what other opportunities they may have. We had one customer that went from a single NX-2400 from VDI to 8 blocks of NX-3460 as they expanded to server consolidation. They also utilized Nutanix to provide replication between their production data center and disaster recovery site.”

DH Technologies has developed a fully automated Cloud Computing solution showcase environment built upon Nutanix called Virtual Dojo. Virtual Dojo enables prospective customers to experience running a VMware View desktop in order to test and learn about the technology. It also enables them to log onto the Nutanix Prism interface as well as to look at other products such as Arista and Solarwinds.

Devin sees endless possibilities for DH Technologies and Nutanix. “The new capabilities Nutanix keeps adding still further expands our opportunities,” said Devin. “For every dollar we make on Nutanix, we make many more on ancillary products and services. And right or wrong, many customers perceive the hypervisor as a commodity. Nutanix gives them the choice to work with whatever hypervisor they want.”

“When it comes to Nutanix, we’re ‘all in’.”