The Single Biggest Benefit of Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure (It’s Not What You Think)
Organizations across the globe are increasingly looking to public cloud – not to reduce infrastructure costs because analyses show cloud is expensive, but to enhance the ability of the business to react more quickly and effectively to the increasingly dynamic marketplace. A recent study by IDC shows that while deploying Nutanix does enable significant infrastructure &hel...
7 Reasons Why AHV is the Next Generation Hypervisor
NOTE: NPX #1 and double VCDX, Josh Odgers, has penned an accompanying post that dives into the technical details supporting the assertion of AHV as the next generation hypervisor. After first disrupting the legacy SAN and NAS architecture of the virtualized datacenter, Nutanix is now transforming virtualization itself. Nutanix’s software-defined infrastructure enables a ...
Nutanix Named a CDW Partner of the Year
Overview Nutanix is honored to have been named a CDW Partner of the Year last week at CDW’s Partner Summit in Las Vegas. Nutanix CDW Partner of the Year Award CDW CDW, as pretty much everyone in the computer industry knows, is one of the largest channel partners in the business. The Chicago-based firm had … Continued
Radically Simple Hypervisor Upgrades
Overview Many of the key product and feature decisions at Nutanix are driven by our mission to deliver uncompromising simplicity to the enterprise datacenter. NOS 4.0 release announced in May, Nutanix brought one-click automation to the non-disruptive upgrade process of the Nutanix Operating System. Automated non-disruptive NOS upgrades make the lives of IT admins easier &...
Designing Web-Scale Datacenters Just Got Easier
Nutanix is the leading hyperconverged solution for server and desktop virtualization. Over the years, we have developed an extensive depth and breadth of internal intelligence on how to size and scope virtualized workloads, including VDI deployments and virtualized business applications. This institutional knowledge is now being made available through the free Nutanix Siz...
Dell XC Series Launches – and Nutanix Partners Benefit
Nutanix partners will benefit from the rising tide of web-scale mindshare as Dell launches its XC Series Web-scale Converged Appliances across the world. But solutions providers currently selling Nutanix-branded appliances through Dell are already discovering other advantages. Choice Solutions, for example, beat out an entrenched vBlock incumbent with the assistance of D...
Mark Brunstad joins Nutanix
I am very pleased to add my welcome to @MarkBrunstad who joined Nutanix today as Manager, Curriculum Development, – Educational Services function within Nutanix Global Services. Mark is well-known in the virtualization industry for building VMware’s vaunted VCDX program. I first met Mark at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, and I spoke with him … Cont...
Nutanix establishes next phase Partner Network framework
Our partners are an integral part of our commercial ecosystem.  Like us, our partners are bold and creative, aligned to our vision of the future of datacenter infrastructure, challenging the norm and eager to go above and beyond for their customers. This approach is working.  Since shipping our first Virtual Computing Platform in 2011 – … Continued
Nutanix Arrives as a Mainstream Datacenter Player
Gunnar Berger, Citrix CTO Desktop & Applications Group, tweeted yesterday in response to Nutanix’s announcement that it hit a $200M annual run rate. In his typical witty way, he lamented how quickly companies grow up. While becoming a grown-up company is important, achieving a $200M annual run rate combined with several other events of the … Continued
Why are VCDXs flocking to Nutanix?
I wrote a blog post last November titled, What is the Value of a VCDX to a VMware Ecosystem Partner?  Eight months later, and Nutanix has gone from four VCDXs to ten. That’s 7% of the 143 VCDXs worldwide. Nutanix has 25% more VCDXs than the next two highest count companies (EMC & Cisco) combined, … Continued