Cloud-Ready Enterprises or True-up Surprises?
This is the third blog in my series on the You Decide campaign. I invited Steve Kaplan, AKA “ROI Dude,” to co-blog with me. For those of you who don’t know Steve, he’s a bit of an expert in TCO, ROI, datacenters and legacy virtualization competitors. In the You Decide campaign, we identify three major … Continued
Nutanix Era: Databases Made Simple
Nutanix first made datacenter infrastructure invisible with enterprise cloud built on hyperconverged infrastructure. The company next transformed and simplified virtualization from stand-alone product to feature. Today, with Nutanix Era, Nutanix announces a revolution in provisioning and managing databases. Nutanix Era is expected to be available in the second half of 2018...
DH Technologies is #ALLin with Nutanix – an Update
In early 2014, I wrote a blog post about how Devin Henderson, CEO of DH Technologies, was committed to going all in with, what was then, a quite young Nutanix. In the years since, Devin has seen his business rapidly grow along with Nutanix. He has also witnessed the transition of Nutanix from Hyper-Converged Infrastructure … Continued
Benefits of Nutanix: Enhancing Enterprise Agility in Cloud Computing
Organizations across the globe are increasingly looking to public cloud – not to reduce infrastructure costs (analyses show cloud is expensive for the predictable workloads that comprise the bulk of applications run in most organizations), but to enhance the ability of the business to react more quickly and effectively to the increasingly dynamic marketplace. A … ...
Buy Less Nutanix!
  “So you’re telling me I should buy less Nutanix?” A CIO said this to me in Tokyo after I showed him our financial modeling methodology. Our sales rep was sitting next to me, so I felt a little uncomfortable, but I responded, “Yes. From a financial modeling perspective, why would you buy more Nutanix … Continued
Nutanix Announces the Industry’s Only Hyperconverged Solution for Cisco UCS Blades
Today, we are at the .NEXT On-Tour event in Boston and are bringing more exciting news about continuous innovation. A number of vendors, including Nutanix™, offer hyperconverged solutions running on Cisco® UCS® C-Series rackmount servers. However, the majority of UCS® shipments are B-Series Blade Servers. Nutanix pioneers again and addresses this deficiency by announc...
Reducing Oracle Licensing Costs
Decrypting Oracle software licensing has long been the bane of IT shops. VCE President, Chad Sakac, recently devoted a blog post on the challenges of Oracle licensing aptly titled, Oracle, I’m sad about you, disappointed in you, and frustrated with you. There are some steps, however, that customers can take to help contain, and optimize, … Continued
Financial modeling in the era of hyperconvergence and cloud
IT balances on the line between cost center and business enabler. Whichever way it is viewed, IT has become an essential component of every significant business. Enabling the business requires optimizing IT. This in turn means buying the right products and services as part of an overarching IT strategy. Not long ago, the purchasing process … Continued
Why hardware-defined can’t keep up
The tech industry is undergoing a fundamental shift. Proprietary hardware, once essential to protecting a company’s innovations, now hinders – or even destroys – a manufacturer’s ability to compete. Companies who hold onto their proprietary mindset will fall by the wayside as they increasingly lag behind the pace of industry-wide innovations. The Rise of Consumers ...
Making Your Case with ROI
I am thrilled to be moderating the panel, Making Your Case with ROI, at Nutanix .NEXT at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, June 22nd. The panel includes four IT industry leaders who have utilized Nutanix’s enterprise cloud to help transform their businesses:     Glenn Allison, VP, Enterprise Architecture & IT Solution Delivery at … Continued