Hypervisor-Based Replication vs. Cluster-Based Replication – Nutanix
One of the things I like about my work at Nutanix is up-close customer interactions. These let me and the team understand real customer challenges and solve them via innovative products. Recently, in one of my conversations with a customer, we were asked how Nutanix Replication/Disaster Recovery compares to hypervisor-based replication products. This motivated me … ...
Flexible Replication Topologies with Nutanix Native DR
Replication is a fundamental component of any enterprise disaster recovery (DR) solution, ensuring that critical data and applications can be reliably and efficiently replicated to a different site or a separate infrastructure. While enterprise IT architects have many technology options, there are two replication capabilities that are requisite for any successful enterpris...
VM-centric Disaster Recovery Done Right
Virtualization is setting the foundation for transforming enterprise datacenters into private clouds. In this flexible, resource pooled, dynamic environment, how do you maintain performance and availability SLAs, while providing all of the other benefits like self-service provisioning and resource elasticity? Delivering 100 percent service availability means having a proac...
VDI Series: Part 4 – Manageability
In my previous blog post, I talked about how the how the Nutanix architecture is designed to rapidly scale while maintaining high performance, enabling organizations to grow their VDI deployments. In this post, I will discuss manageability, an often under-represented facet that is key in making a VDI deployment successful. With large VDI deployments, it … Continued
VDI Series: Part 3 – Incremental Scalability
In my previous blog post, I talked about how the Nutanix architecture, built ground-up for virtualization, is a perfect fit for the unique performance needs of VDI. In this post, I would like to cover another pain point of VDI – incremental scalability.  It’s commonly known that many VDI deployments fail when trying to scale … Continued
VDI Series: Part 2 – Addressing Performance
At VMworld back in August, Nutanix was honored with TechTarget’s Best of VMworld – Desktop Virtualization award. With the show being our first public appearance after launching just two weeks prior, this honor surprised many people in the desktop virtualization and general virtualization community.   In this post (continuing our VDI series), I would like to &...
VDI Series Part 1: Moving Beyond the POC
Gartner released a report in mid 2010 that they expected 50 million VDI desktops by 2013. Then there are the recent newsflashes surrounding VDI : Citrix buys Kaviza and RingCube. AppSense gets a 70 million round of funding from Goldman Sachs.  The VMware View vs Citrix XenDeskop war rages on with new product releases this … Continued