Say Goodbye to the vTax and Hello to Quality Time
A few weeks ago I shared a blog on what it means to be free of the operational burdens that come with the vTax. You may recall we introduced and defined what we meant by “the vTax” as part of our global You Decide campaign, where customers of all sizes, industries and locations weighed in … Continued
vTax-Free Operations
In case you missed it (wink), we launched our global You Decide campaign last month. Customers who’ve experienced the sting of the vTax were quick, and brave, to share their perspectives on what it means to break free of the financial, operational, and personal taxes of legacy systems. Over the course of 3 blogs, I’ll … Continued
Columbia University and Nutanix Team Up to Mentor IT Executives on Multicloud Era
Arthur Langer, Director, Columbia University Center for Technology Management Virginia Gambale, Managing Partner, Azimuth Trust, LLC Julie O’Brien, SVP of Corporate Marketing, Nutanix The multi-cloud era represents a quantum leap that is changing the enterprise IT landscape, creating digital disruption and new ways of thinking about private, public and edge requirements....
Digital Transformation and Role of DevOps
Julie O’Brien, SVP of Corporate Marketing Sachin Chheda, Senior Director of Global Accounts and Industry Marketing Digital transformation (DX) has triggered a major overhaul in the way organizations think about tried-and-true business models and operationalize day-to-day processes. Yesterday’s products are being replaced with new information- and service-driven offerin...
.NEXT in Vegas and the Wheel at the Party
This past week in Las Vegas, we were honored and humbled to host more than 2,500 guests at our .NEXT conference, up from ~960 at our inaugural event in Miami last year. We began planning 12 months ago, sweating the details. Would the service and quality of the hotel hit the mark? Would the content … Continued