Web-Scale Wish: A Non-Profit Datacenter Makeover
The right technology in the right hands has the power to change lives and organizations. This holiday season, Nutanix will gift web-scale converged infrastructure to a non-profit organization chosen by you, our community. The Web-Scale Wish Project will donate up to $500,000 of products and services to worthy causes selected by the community, with the goal … Contin...
Introducing Nutanix Next – A Community Passionate About Reinventing Enterprise Datacenters
Today, with great excitement, we are launching a new online community – Nutanix Next.  This online community is open to anyone who is passionate about enterprise datacenters and cloud initiatives.  As a company, Nutanix has always held strong conviction about the importance of establishing and building a vibrant community.  All of the iconic enterprise technology &hel...
NutaniX-Men and Women Set to Take Over VMworld 2013
Predictions for the 10th annual VMworld, taking place August 25-29 in San Francisco, are rolling in from many corners of the media, analyst and vendor landscape.  Whether you’re reading predictions from SearchVMware contributors, blogger and virtualization expert Bob Plankers (@plankers), or newly hired VMware Chief Strategist Chuck Hollis (@chuckhollis), a strong theme...
The Design Goals Behind the Updated Nutanix Website
It’s been about a week since we launched the updated Nutanix website and so far the feedback we’ve received has been generally very positive.  I wanted to share a bit of the thinking behind the design of the new site.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, innovation is engrained in our culture at … Continued
Walking Into the Nutanix Innovation Storm
This is my first blog post and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warm greetings to all Nutanix customers, resellers, distributors, technology alliance partners, supporters, followers, and even competitors (who I know are reading this).  After a terrific 3.5 year run at the highly disruptive and successful network security company Palo … Continued
Meet Nutanix Series – Laura Jordana
This will be the first post in our new series, “Meet Nutanix,” where various employees at Nutanix will be featured. Read on and learn more about life at Nutanix and what various departments here are working on! Name Laura Jordana Title/Position System Reliability Engineer What’s your background? I started my career as a QA engineer … Continued