Save Your Cloud Data from Vengeful Ex-employees
When we think about protecting data in the cloud, it’s usually in defense from bad actors outside of your organization. One thing we overlook is just how quickly an employee can become a bad actor once they leave the company. Take the latest news from the UK for instance with a digital marketing and software … Continued
Visibility is Key for Cloud Security and Cost Success
Managing your cloud environment is a lot like driving a car. While driving, you’re watching for other drivers and potential dangers – all while abiding by the rules of the road. Well, in the cloud, your provisioning resources but also monitoring costs, security, and compliance. Pretty straight forward, right? But what if you had to … Continued
DevOps and Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype
Cloud and DevOps have played a big role in helping IT address some of the biggest transformative shifts of our times. The rise of the service economy, unprecedented pace of disruption, and infusion of digital into everyday life are just some examples. These are the shifts that are driving business in the 21st century. The … Continued
Minimize Cloud Costs with This Workshop
Seasoned business professionals know that success in business is determined by your bottom line. In recent history, optimizing financial performance can be attributed to a number of things, but none more impactful than innovation in tech. And one of the most prominent IT innovations impacting enterprise balance sheets across the globe has been cloud computing. … Con...
Virtualizing Federal Information Technology
Information technology has evolved immensely over the last three decades, stimulating productivity in many industries. Educational institutions have reinvented the classroom experience by leveraging computers and mobile devices to facilitate learning. Doctors have been able to identify health risks early through cutting edge software and offer preventative means for treatm...
Defining DaaS: Desktop-as-a-Service
A new level of confusion hit the tech world when cloud computing became practical in the enterprise and the term “XaaS” was coined. XaaS, or anything-as-a-service, was used to describe the seemingly endless list of digital services that can be delivered via the cloud. Initially it wasn’t the most intuitive acronym for non-engineers. Fast forward … Continued
Hybrid Cloud vs Multi-Cloud: What’s the Difference?
The arrival of cloud computing to enterprise IT brought much more than new business value and end-user utility. Most notably, confusion. An entirely new set of terms was created to describe the many varieties of virtual data storage and transmission. First, we learned about private clouds, or cloud environments that were created to only support … Continued
Unveiling Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection from Xi Beam
Cloud cost anomaly detection is a vital tool in keeping your cloud costs under control. To put it in perspective, balancing your own budget isn’t always easy – even if you’re the most frugal person you know. Every now and then you may treat yourself to a new shirt or a nice meal from somewhere … Continued
Top 10 Cloud Security Trends for 2019
By aligning the right providers with your desired business outcomes, cloud computing can be a fantastic driver of business growth and end-user satisfaction. You may choose to utilize private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud solutions based on the sort of information you’re going to be storing. Not surprisingly, many are still confused by the … Conti...
Top 10 Cloud Management Questions Answered
The arrival of cloud computing has provided organizations with reliable and secure computing capacity delivered with ease – just as everyday utilities are. By leveraging the cloud, you now have a simple approach to access servers, storage, databases and a complete selection of application services you can use via the internet. The omnipresent availability of … Con...