Stop being a bully, VMware!
by Dheeraj Pandey As I write this blog on the eve of MLK Jr. Day, I am reminded of respect, fairness, and dignity, and how an absence of fundamental human values engenders movements. Many independence movements have been borne out of unfair taxation. The unfair taxes on tea started the American War of Independence. The … Continued
Nutanix CEO Letter to Stockholders
DEAR STOCKHOLDERS, This September, we completed two years as a public company and nine years since we were founded in 2009. It has not even been a decade and we have already done more than $3.5 billion in lifetime sales, transformed to a software business model while being publicly traded, surpassed $1 billion in annual … Continued
The Nutanix Customer Journey: A Perspective from .NEXT, EMEA
As we head into .NEXT London tomorrow, I’ve found myself taking a step back to reflect on how far we have come as a company since we were founded nine years ago. In less than 10 years, we have done nearly $4 billion in lifetime sales, transformed from a hardware to a software business model … Continued
A Note From Dheeraj
Hi Everyone, As we come to a FY18 financial year close, I wanted to share an update with you regarding our President, Sudheesh Nair. Many of you might remember that nine months ago, he handed over the reins of the Sales organization to Lou Attanasio, our Chief Revenue Officer. Ever since, Sudheesh and I have … Continued
The Software Path
In our Q1 FY18 earnings call, we formally announced that we would thoughtfully adopt a software-centric approach to our go-to-market and financial reporting. This is an important point in our company’s history and one that is the result of many months of hard work and planning. I can’t think of a better way to underscore … Continued
Act II: Thinking Global, Acting Local
Platform Products Operating systems are platforms, appliances are purpose-built boxes. Platforms are (a) ubiquitous, (b) extensible and programmable, with a rich API-driven partner ecosystem, (c) widely applicable to a large swathe of application workloads, geographies, people, and verticals, and (d) consumable in multiple form factors. In the early days, we took our data-...
NTNX: Disrupt. Reinvent. Repeat.
At our Sales Kickoff this last August, I presented a few slides about companies with “Staying Power.” As insurgents, they disrupt incumbents. Then when they are about to become incumbents, they decide to reinvent themselves. And the most successful ones repeat this cycle several times. Microsoft in the 90’s: Consistency, Ambition, Fierce Resolve. They dis...
Back to Basics
I was just thinking how young a company we still are. Nutanix was incorporated in Delaware on September 22nd, 2009. It took us another four months to get the idea together, and a convertible note round came together on December 26th, 2009. In these last 7 years, we’ve learned so much about life — celebrating … Continued
Nutanix Xpress: Warm Welcome to the Global 200,000
This morning on May 24th, 2016, we announced Nutanix Xpress – our first product line dedicated just to small and medium sized businesses. Why In the last 4.5 years of selling, the company has focused on building the brand in large (G2000) and midsize (G5000) enterprises. The time had come to democratize our technology, and … Continued
Believers, Fence-sitters, and Naysayers
The Burden of Responsibility As we unveil our 2nd annual user conference, .NEXT Vegas (Jun 20-22), I wanted to share the why behind the event. The “blast radius” of what we are building — the new Enterprise Cloud — is huge, as we go on to replace servers, storage arrays, storage-area networks, hypervisors, and systems management software. When &h...