Nutanix Certified Professional - Database Automation (NCP-DB)


The Nutanix Certified Professional - Database Automation (NCP-DB) 6.5 certification measures your ability to deploy, administer, optimize, and troubleshoot database workloads using Nutanix Database Service (NDB).

Successful candidates have approximately 1-2 years of database management experience, while having at least 6 months of Nutanix Database Service or Nutanix Era experience. They are typically database administrators, Nutanix technical employees, Nutanix channel partners, Nutanix OEM vendors, and Nutanix customers who are capable of successfully provisioning, patching, protecting, and cloning NDB-managed databases. The successful candidate will most likely have taken training courses such as the Nutanix Database Management & Automation (NDMA) course. 

Knowledge Objectives

Section 1 – Describe NDB Concepts

  • Define database and NDB terminology
  • Describe NDB features and benefits

Section 2 – Deploy and Configure an NDB Solution

  • Deploy an NDB Instance
  • Configure an NDB Instance
  • Configure NDB High Availability

Section 3 - Monitor Alerts and Storage Usage Within an NDB Implementation

  • Monitor alerts 
  • Monitor and manage storage usage

Section 4 - Operate and Maintain an NDB Environment

  • Apply procedural concepts to register database server VMs and databases
  • Apply procedural concepts to provision databases
  • Apply procedural concepts to test and publish database patches
  • Determine the correct method to apply Linux OS patches
  • Upgrade databases
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot NDB operations

Section 5 - Protect NDB-managed Databases Using Time Machine

  • Create, delete, and modify SLA retention policies
  • Given business requirements, perform a database clone
  • Apply procedural concepts to restore source databases
  • Refresh clones
  • Apply policies to protect databases
  • Apply procedural concepts to create Data Access Management (DAM) policies

Section 6 - Administer an NDB Environment

  • Manage NDB profiles
  • Perform NDB software upgrades
  • Apply procedural concepts to add Nutanix clusters to NDB
  • Manage networks in NDB
  • Manage access controls in NDB
  • Identify how to use NDB APIs and CLI


Once you earn NCP-DB certification you join an exclusive community of Nutanix certified personnel, and earn more tangible benefits as well:

  • Use of the NCP-DB logo
  • NCP-DB Digital Badge from Credly
  • Access to the Nutanix Certification store
  • Discounts on Nutanix events
  • Early access to educational programs

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