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Consolidate & Control Your Unstructured Data

Intelligently manage and share unstructured data to help your business make informed decisions. Replace storage silos that limit visibility, block access and slow innovation.

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Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

Businesses rely on data more than ever before. As your data grows on separate application silos, storage silos, and organizational and geographic silos, you may struggle to manage, assess and harness the power of that data.

Calm Delivers Self-Service Provisioning

Deploy a data-first architecture

Empower application and business teams with data when, and how, they need it. Rise above storage infrastructure management.

Calm Delivers Application Lifestyle Management

Manage your data and make smarter decisions

Maintain total control over your data with Nutanix Data Lens. Analyze, gain deep data insights, and secure your growing data footprint across its lifecycle.

Calm Delivers Hybrid-Cloud Orchestration

Distribute & scale with ease

Non-disruptively scale within the datacenter, cloud or branch offices as data grows. Manage, visualize and control data and storage centrally.

Unlock the Value of Your Data

Revolutionize data management and analysis using an intelligent and flexible distributed storage platform.

One Data Platform for All Uses

Most data is siloed and scattered all over the organization, and businesses are unable to use the data strategically. 

Deploy, manage and scale a single software-based storage platform across datacenters, branch offices, or the cloud. Enable greater access by delivering files or objects across multiple protocols to all workloads and users.

Make Smart Data Decisions

Nutanix Data Lens, a cloud-based data governance service, provides global visibility and deep insights into your data stored on Nutanix Unified Storage.

  • Data Lifecycle Management: drive efficiencies in your unstructured data environment by analyzing data age and define tiering policies to manage your data growth
  • Data Security: Detect usage anomalies to proactively protect data from unauthorized use and potential ransomware exposure
  • Compliance: Simplify audits and compliance with audit trails to track data access over time


Never Lose Your Data

Built-in intelligence protects all of your data from bit-rot and disk failures. By distributing and managing replicas in small slices, the software is able to quickly self-heal and prevent data loss. 

Backup integration and disaster recovery capabilities keep your data and dependent apps consistent in the event of site-wide failures.

Serve the Most Demanding Workloads

Rely on a single data management platform to serve the needs of all your workloads. Using intelligent load balancing and data placement, the software can meet IOPS needs of even the most demanding business applications. 

Plus, you can optimize for price and performance by blending spinning, flash, and high performance NVMe and RDMA storage media.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Zero Suppression, compression, deduplication and erasure coding get the most out of available resources. Scale out and scale up storage non-disruptively without any loss in performance, to meet data growth and efficiently use available budget.

An Intelligent Platform that Grows with your Data

  • The software-based, consolidated storage solution is built upon clustered, shared-nothing nodes to create a pool of resources. Storage controllers are virtualized and provide access to block distributed data, files and objects.
  • Scale-up non-disruptively adding virtual resources to storage controllers and scale-out non-disruptively adding physical nodes for predictable resource and performance growth. From there, deployment is automated. Enterprise-grade backup, ready to backup any workload.

Enterprise Storage & Data Consolidation
Best Practices

Learn how a unified software-defined storage platform is key to supporting datacenter-wide simplicity and flexibility. Discover best practices that enable success in an ever-growing datacenter.

Nutanix University:
Data Services

Learn how you can deal with the challenges of managing unstructured data. We’ll talk through the storage landscape of today; why deploy fabrics, not silos; and what Files, Volumes, and Objects can do for you.

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Calm Delivers Application Lifestyle Management

Nutanix Files is a software-defined scale-out file storage solution designed to address a wide range of use cases, including Linux support and Windows home directories, user profiles and department shares. Get greater visibility and actionable insights on your file data, including anomaly detection.

Calm Delivers Application Lifestyle Management

Nutanix Objects™ is a software-defined object storage solution designed with an S3-compatible REST API interface to handle terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data, all from a single namespace. Objects is designed for backup, long term retention/archiving, and cross-region devops teams.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We think it is truly fantastic that the system can continue operating without any downtime...Because there is also flexible support for increased capacity on the user side, we are able to run a file server while taking advantage of the easily scalable Nutanix platform”

– Shin Yokoyama, Business Strategy Group, Corporate Management Department, Aso Juku Educational Foundation

“Nutanix is providing near 100% uptime, enabling us to more easily meet our SLAs. With Nutanix, our attorneys can be much more efficient with their caseloads, providing better service to all of our global clients.”

– Lawrence Lozzano, Senior DBA, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

“This was amazing to me, since the NetApp systems used to take much longer in comparison. If you’re looking for a simple, yet powerful storage and server solution that’s easy to set up — this is it.”

– Richard Briston, Senior Network and Infrastructure Specialist at Canadian Solar


Business Value of Storage Simplicity

See why IDC projects Nutanix Files customers will generate value worth an annual average of $2.65million per organization, which would result in a five-year ROI of 414%.

IDC Storage Assessment

Complete this analysis to see the value of implementing Nutanix solutions to transform your business.

Files Solution Brief

Download this solution brief to discover how Nutanix Files creates a single platform for all of your application needs.

Nutanix Files Tech Note

Download this tech note to learn how Files eliminates the complexity of deploying and managing a separate infrastructure silo for storing file data.

Nutanix Volumes Best Practices Guide

Download this best practices guide to learn how Nutanix Volumes can support use cases across both virtualized and physical server workloads, enabling infrastructure consolidation.

Simplify data management at cloud scale

Accessing data securely, simply, quickly in the cloud all starts with a storage foundation that eliminates the complexity of data management.

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