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Consolidated Storage Services

Tame massive data growth with simple, flexible, consolidated storage.

Free your team to drive innovation across the enterprise with simple, flexible, and intelligent storage from a single storage platform. Manage everything from a single management plane. Adopt cloud like economics with pay as you grow scale.

It's Time to Rethink Storage for a Data-centric World

Take a deep dive into strategies for unstructured data with analysts from ESG. Find out how to simplify management and flexibly scale your unstructured data storage to power your digital transformation goals.

ESG white paper – Rethinking Storage

Take Control of Your Data

Meet the challenges of growing data volumes and complex infrastructure silos by consolidating on Nutanix. Host your VM, file, block, and object storage on the same platform. The underlying AOS distributed storage fabric provides enterprise-grade resiliency, seamless scalability, security, data reduction, and high availability—eliminating the waste and complexity of standalone storage arrays while reducing management overhead and storage footprint.

Power Your Most Critical Use Cases

Leverage consolidated storage to streamline operations and accelerate productivity.

Eliminate Silos and Simplify

Replace storage that requires specialized teams and tools—and long refresh cycles—with simple, flexible, cloud-like IT.

Unleash the Digital Workspace

Free your VDI admin to provision storage and manage environments from end-to-end by consolidating on Nutanix Files.

Massive Scale for Backup and Archive

Enjoy a single global namespace for active archive, using WORM capabilities to meet regulatory compliance, with Nutanix Objects.

Empower Your Teams

Give application owners complete self-service control and automation via APIs and the Prism management plane.

Integrate ROBO Services

Use Files to manage your entire remote and branch office file storage infrastructure from a centralized management plane.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Advantage

Deliver effortless performance and predictable scalability for your environments.

Data Insights Via Analytics

Get valuable insight into your data with integrated file analytics. Meet governance and compliance requirements, reduce risk, and drive automated remediation.

Seamless Scale

Easily scale-out and scale-up on demand—and pay as you grow—with ML-based capacity planning and automated issue remediation before problems arise.

Single Global Namespace

Remove additional overhead and complexity, and flexibly handle data growth, by managing your storage via a single namespace.

Always-easy Operations

Forget special skills, tools, and training. Easily handle Day 0 to Day N operations from a unified management plane.

One-click Capacity Planning

Radically simplify your future workload planning as you eliminate the guesswork around data growth.

Data-at-rest Encryption

Secure your data on Nutanix and prevent data loss via theft or drive replacement while meeting SEC 17a-4 regulations.

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