Xi Leap

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solution for Nutanix AOS

Achieve SLAs with a cloud-based disaster recovery service built for your Nutanix AOS clusters. Set up instantly, and failover, failback or test recovery plans with a few clicks. Includes a secure, reliable VPN.

The Cost of Downtime

Read about IT downtime statistics and how Xi Leap DRaaS is helping companies meet their disaster recovery requirements in under an hour.

Capabilities & Benefits

Instant onboarding from within Prism

Setting up a disaster recovery solution has never been easier. There’s nothing for you to install. Turn on and manage the Xi Leap DR service from Prism, the interface you use to manage your Nutanix AOS clusters.

Categorize your VMs and apply protection policies and recovery plans to customize your environment. Use the same management interface to launch planned or unplanned failovers, as well as live DR testing on a non-production subnet.

Achieve SLAs with 1-Click failover & failback, and continuous testing

Failover and failback with one-click to keep your business applications, data, and services available when your datacenter goes down. Continuous testing ensures that your recovery plans do not fail you when you need them most. Plus, you get end-to-end security with encrypted data-at-rest and data-in-motion.

Read how Xi Leap can meet your performance and availability SLAs.

Seamless, Yet Flexible, Networking Options

Get fully isolated virtual networks (per tenant) and choose from a variety of connectivity options. You can use the one-click VPN option provided by Nutanix to get started immediately or bring your own. You may also use a private, low-latency and dedicated Direct Connect option provided by our partners.

Global Availability When You Need It

Nutanix and its partners continuously test, maintain, and proactively monitor a global footprint of datacenters to support your disaster recovery needs.

Regardless of where your applications, data, and services are hosted and consumed, Xi Leap offers a low-latency availability zone in most locations to ensure that your workloads are up 24/7.

Proven to Reduce Your Cost of Operations

Gone are the days where companies are precluded from DR solutions due to cost alone. Xi Leap protects your critical business applications by leveraging economies of scale with Nutanix Cloud services. We’ve removed power, rent, networking, operational and 3rd-party DR software as individual budget items, rolling them all into a single subscription service so there’s no guesswork.

How It Works

Natively Integrated with Nutanix AOS

Turning on cloud-based disaster recovery is easy. You will need to:

  1. Create a Xi Cloud Services account and choose your plan
  2. Sign into Xi Leap and begin using the service

Xi Leap offers a variety of SLA options, based upon your needs. Subscribe to the service based upon the number of VMs that you would like to protect.

Xi Leap Makes Your DR Experience Painless

Partners & Certifications

Direct Connect Partners

Choose VPN services that you need.


Certified to meet the needs of your business.

Xi Leap Demonstration Series

Nutanix University

Watch a Nutanix technical expert as he walks you through setup, configuration, and failover scenarios with Xi Leap. The demonstrations end with a live failover monitored through Prism Central.

See how simple it is to onboard, configure, and test Xi Leap DRaaS

Lightboard video with Xi Leap expert.


Solution Brief

A fully integrated DR-to-cloud solution that rapidly and intelligently protects the applications and data without the need to purchase and maintain a separate infrastructure stack.


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Xi Leap.

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The Definitive Guide to Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Examine enterprise challenges and trends around availability and data protection—an area that has lagged in the modernization of infrastructure and applications. See how the simpler, more cost-effective approach taken by the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can close the gap between where your data protection is today and where it needs to be.

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