Security Operations, Monitoring, and Planning


Success with a zero-trust policy comes not just from security controls, but also from the ability to monitor and maintain those controls. Nutanix helps businesses create and manage network security policies, establish and maintain a security and compliance baseline, audit in real-time, and easily remediate security vulnerabilities.

Visibility and Context are Key


60% of organizations say that security is the biggest factor impacting the enterprise’s future cloud strategies.


Cyber attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication. Research shows a 350% growth in ransomware attacks alone.


80% of organizations are early in their deployment of security operations and monitoring tools.

Capabilities & Benefits

Posture Monitoring

Dashboards and reports offer “at-a-glance” information about current security compliance goals, network utilization, general security health, and a comprehensive multicloud inventory view.

Security Auditing and Remediation

Leverage “out-of-the-box” security audits and remediation suggestions for Nutanix security best practices, or extend your audits with custom queries to align audits with your enterprise’s policies and regulations.

Network Security Policy Planning

Network visualizations let you explore and understand network and application traffic. Use this knowledge to categorize workloads and create effective network segmentation and application microsegmentation policies.

Security Compliance

Detect and remediate misconfigurations through continuous, real-time security auditing. Validate the level of compliance with regulatory policies like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST, and more.

Security Operations with Security Central

Security Central is your hub for Nutanix security operations. Easily assess the overall security posture of Nutanix deployments and gain the context required to implement a zero-trust security strategy.

Take control of your security posture—remove blind spots, secure your network and applications, detect and remediate issues, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Take a Security-First Approach

To better fortify your front line of defense against security attacks, it’s important to look at your infrastructure and see if it utilizes a security-first approach. Simple and effective, security-first infrastructure tackles the pains associated with security management

Nutanix University: Security and Governance

In this course, you’ll learn how our security capabilities work with Nutanix HCI to create a powerful security and governance solution.

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