Beam Cost Governance

Save 35% or More With Multicloud Management

Beam delivers savings for public and private clouds. Drive financial accountability with intelligent resource sizing and accurate visibility into cloud metering and chargeback.

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What You Get With Beam


Unified visibility into public & private cloud spending to simplify cost governance and multi-cloud management.


Drive deep cloud savings with automated scheduling tasks, right-sizing cloud resources and intelligent RI purchases.


Easily allocate resource costs according to business consumption and drive governance with multi-cloud chargeback.

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Capabilities & Use Cases

Private Cloud Metering

Out-of-the-box visibility into private cloud resource costs including clusters, VMs and other services. TCO model computes true cost of running a private cloud including hardware, software, power & cooling, datacenter infrastructure, telecom and IT admin salary costs, calculated based on configurable industry standards. 

Chargeback & Budgeting

Tag-based automated resource cost allocation to cost centers spanning public and private clouds. Automatically create cloud consumption reports by various users, teams, applications, budget owners, etc. Define Chargeback policies to allocate any untagged spending to a cost center and set up budget alerts to keep costs under control.

Automated Resource Right-Sizing

Leverage machine-learning algorithms to automatically detect anomalous spending patterns and take proactive cost control actions. Create automation policies to eliminate unused resources and get right-sizing recommendations for underutilized resources to ensure optimal consumption.

Intelligent RI Purchases

Make the most of reserved instance purchase plans and get deep savings over pay-as-you-go consumption. Beam identifies the most optimal RI to purchase based on your consumption history and delivering 35% or more in cloud cost savings!

Supported Clouds

What Customers Are Saying...

“Nutanix Beam has paid for itself by providing the insight we need to control costs...saving thousands of dollars per month."


- Declan Fleming, Enterprise Architect for Cloud, UCSD

“Without Beam, the level of audit and overview that we need simply doesn’t get done. Checking every service in every single region isn’t practical, and I would never have found the additional servers running in regions we don’t normally use.”

– Jacob Stanton, Director of Information Security/ISO, Jitterbit

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Beam earned the highest Ease of Use rating in its category. 


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