AOS Distributed Storage

Scalable, resilient, high-performance storage for all of your applications 

Move beyond the limitations of traditional SAN and NAS storage. AOS storage is the foundation that makes HCI possible, delivering enterprise-grade availability, efficiency, and protection via a highly distributed software architecture.


Application Acceleration

Enjoy consistent high performance for a broad range of workloads via powerful acceleration capabilities and flash storage used both for caching and as a persistent data tier.

Co-locates applications & data to optimize performance

Storing data locally means the majority of reads are handled by local hardware, improving latency and resource utilization. The replica location of a write is dynamically chosen based on current utilization metrics, preventing replica traffic from burdening other nodes. This enables consistent performance by preventing network congestion and by keeping resources balanced. When a workload migrates, data is pulled local as it is accessed to avoid reading remotely.

Accelerate applications with local NVMe

AOS architecture is optimal for leveraging the performance benefits of NVMe drives without the need to redesign applications. Data locality enables applications to benefit from the low latency and high throughput possible with NVMe devices, and Nutanix Blockstore disk format enables direct access to underlying media via SPDK drivers.

Ensure Quality of Service

Give application owners peace of mind with fine-grained Quality of Service (QoS) control for their workloads, without the need to create silos for different classes of applications. Configure limits on throughput or IOPS for misbehaving workloads, and pin critical applications to flash in hybrid clusters.

Always-On Reliability

Your Nutanix system not only has no single point of failure, and no bottlenecks, it’s actually built to detect, isolate, and recover from failures anywhere in the system.

Self-heal quickly without impacting applications 

Distributed self-healing is made possible due to the way AOS protects data: writes are replicated across at least two nodes in a cluster, with one local copy for quick access and the other copy sent to another node. Replicas are distributed evenly across the cluster, which enables fast rebuilds and enables consistent performance at scale, even when a rebuild is taking place.

Uncompromising resiliency

AOS automatically protects your data from hardware failure and bit rot, utilizing dynamic replica selection and continuous data scrubbing. All application writes are replicated within the cluster a configurable number of times (2 or 3), even during a distributed rebuild process after drive or node failure.

Capacity Optimization

Regardless of workload characteristics, your Nutanix storage resources are continuously optimized via intelligent, adaptive data reduction and automatic erasure coding.

Maximize storage utilization 

Get the most out of your storage investment with advanced data reduction capabilities that deliver maximum savings without needing to compromise.  

AOS optimizes capacity utilization without hurting performance or resiliency by dynamically compressing, deduplicating, and erasure coding blocks of data based on potential capacity savings as well as application access patterns.

Optimize price versus performance

AOS combines all persistent storage devices across the cluster into a single pool, instead of wasting capacity by reserving fast drives for caching. Data is dynamically moved between tiers in granular segments to keep the most active data in the fastest drives, thereby optimizing for performance while reducing cost.

Respond quickly with efficient clones and snapshots 

Snapshots enable quick local restores for backup and disaster recovery, and clones make it easy to quickly and reliably spin up workloads. 

AOS tracks snapshots with a fine-grained redirect-on-write algorithm that allows fine-grained control and maximizes both efficiency and performance. Clone hundreds of new workloads in seconds, and create deep snapshot chains without impacting applications.


Rely on a highly scalable & self-managed data service

Unlike other HCI solutions in the market, AOS tracks data in small segments enabling it to manage data much more efficiently. Its distributed metadata service uses algorithms like paxos and map/reduce to ensure consistency and to enable distributed data processing. 

This architecture enables AOS to continuously optimize data management and sustain performance while the cluster grows and as more workloads are added, long after day 1.

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