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City of Cape Coral Relies on Nutanix to Run Life-Saving Applications During Emergencies

New Solution Increases Application Reliability and Availability to Better Protect Citizens

San Jose, CA – November 7, 2018 – Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced that the City of Cape Coral, one of the largest cities in Florida, is leveraging the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software, including the AHV hypervisor, to help the city better prepare for and respond to disasters and ensure all emergency service applications run efficiently. By utilizing their Nutanix solution, the team is able to seamlessly access their mission-critical applications and keep pace with other technological advancements in government, fire and police department applications. In addition, the solution frees the team’s time so they no longer only have to focus on day-to-day IT infrastructure operations and management. They now have more time to spend on strategic initiatives, such as new software applications, process improvement initiatives and new projects.

Before deploying Nutanix, Cape Coral’s IT team had multiple data centers and solutions that were complex and required many different skillsets to manage. The applications the team is running on Nutanix go beyond traditional IT support and provide the city with numerous services, including ERP, land management applications, GIS and public safety software operations. In particular, when natural disasters, like Hurricane Irma, strike, they must ensure continued reliability and accessibility of public safety applications for the police and fire department including computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management software for mobile software along with evidence retention archives. Cape Coral needed a manageable, efficient solution that would reliably ensure the safety of its 180,000 citizens.

After experiencing the ease of management of Nutanix first-hand, they quickly moved all production systems and mission-critical applications to Nutanix. They virtualized 98% of their environment and are now using AHV, the Nutanix built-in hypervisor, providing heightened simplicity and performance and eliminating costly licensing fees.

Since deploying the Nutanix solution, the Cape Coral team has not only been able to keep its infrastructure up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, they’ve also seen increased reliability and availability of vital emergency services and applications, which allows the team to better help citizens in the case of a disaster. When Hurricane Irma hit, the team had to move their entire datacenter to a new location in a four-hour period. Using Nutanix, the team has created an offsite disaster recovery center with Nutanix software, which makes it easy for the city to quickly and easily failover critical applications, keeping them available and running in case of an emergency.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure that our police and fire department’s life-saving systems are always ready with back-ups in place and viable,” said Matt Vilord, ITC Manager, City of Cape Coral. “With lives on the line, Nutanix has been the answer to everything—it works, it doesn’t fail, it sets up easily, it’s easily manageable, and it maintains itself. The solution has enabled us to vastly improve public safety for our citizens and understand our unique needs and challenges. We have an excellent partnership with Nutanix that I fully expect to grow over time.”

“City governments are increasingly thinking about moving to advanced technology solutions and infrastructures that allow them to better serve and protect their citizens,” said John Pellettiere, National Sales Director, SLED, Nutanix. “The city of Cape Coral’s deployment of Nutanix clearly demonstrates the benefits of an efficient, reliable, modern infrastructure. When emergency services reliability and public safety are at stake, it’s crucial to have infrastructure and a partner you can count on.”

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