Based on AI-powered behavioral analytics, IronNet's Collective Defense platform detects unknown cyber threats that signature-based tools often miss, and shares the related threat intelligence in real time within a secure community ecosystem. Community members — comprising an industry, supply chain, or other related grouping of organizations — share and receive anonymized threat data to create a radar-like view of potential incoming attacks so member organizations can defend more proactively.

As a certified Nutanix Ready solution, IronNet’s Collective Defense running on Nutanix HCI delivers:

  • Collective Defense as an on-premise SaaS solution, enabling customers to leverage IronDefense NDR on-premise using HCI private cloud infrastructure. Participation in IronNet-hosted IronDome Collective Defense communities is also available.
  • New levels of threat visibility and detection to private cloud and multi-cloud environments. IronDefense enables customers to collect network traffic across private cloud, public cloud, and on-premise networks and apply IronNet’s industry leading behavioral detection and collective defense to the defense of their enterprise.
  • Increased flexibility and portability of deployments. The Kubernetes-based architecture increases customers’ ability to deploy new instances or migrate existing instances of the IronNet Collective Defense platform onto any private cloud infrastructure that meets the compute resource requirements.